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Have to go see an internal medicine doctor

Posted on 05/25/09, 10:24 am
I applied for SSD/SSI disability in March 09. I have been denied twice,once in 2000 and once in December 08. 6 weeks ago I was notified by mail that I have to go to a Internal Medicine Doctor that SSD is paying for. I've applied for ssd/ssi because of my bi-polar illness and also lower back issues. Since signing up in March this year I have had knee issues arise,was going to physical therapy,then because of no insurance they had to be stopped. Should I take my new medical records to this appt. on May 27? Can anyone tell me how this Internal medicine doctor is gonna know much about mental disorders? I'm wondering what is all gonna go on at this appt. I have never seen this doctor in my life, how is he gonna know anything about me besides what he reads in my past files?

Anyone familiar with a situation like this..dealing with bi-polar,along with other health issues that make it very difficult to hold down a job?
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  • Reply #1 05/26/09  11:28pm
    I don't know what all you put down as your disabling illnesses....but I would think the Internal Med Doc will be focusing on your physical illnesses...your back issues, and knee issues. You might get in a little about your Psych history, but I think they would send you to a Pdoc for that.

    IDK about the med records....you can call and ask.

    I have PTSD and I can't hold down a job right now...awaiting my hearing decision!

    You might consider getting an attorney to help with your case.
  • Reply #2 05/27/09  7:14am
    Yep...I have one lined up already if I get denied again and have to appeal.
  • Reply #3 05/27/09  8:46am
    The i.m. doc is not going to be focusing on your mental illness, only a psychologist can do that. Its possible though he may reccomend to S.S. that you be evaluated by one.
  • Reply #4 05/27/09  9:06am
    I go to a phychologist now...but they'll prolly wanna send me to one of "theirs"...In about an hour I'll find out..maybe....who the heck knows..alls I know is this stuff can take years.
  • Reply #5 05/27/09  10:45am
    well I went to my appt. Alls he did ask about my bi-polar is my medication I am on. He concentrated on my knee and back issues. I had back surgery in 2005,,ever since then I've had numbness in my right calf area. When he did the reflex test..I had no reflex on that side. Also my left knee is definetly bigger than my right. Anywayyyssss...does anyone have any idea if they'll send me to one of "their" phychiatrists or not,since they didnt ask me much about it? Its crazy how they can go by what you can do that day...the more i'm on my feet,the more my back and knee gives me problems. Guess I'll just have to get use to the waiting game.....
  • Reply #6 05/29/09  10:51pm
    They may send you to one. Its hard to tell. It really depends on if they have enough information to make a conclusion. I do know however that your treating Dr. is the one they consider to have the most weight. They sent me to one but I have been seeing my current one for well over two years and have had mental issues most of my life so that is the one they have to by law (with a couple exceptions) go by.
  • Reply #7 05/30/09  1:53am
    IDK...I never was sent to any of 'their' Doc's. Just have to wait and see....Good Luck!
  • Reply #8 05/30/09  7:02pm
    I have more own doctor that I seen monthly and have been for at least 2 yrs now, she knows more about me than any of "their" doctors would ever know. Ya just never know with SSD/SSI...only time will tell.
  • Reply #9 05/31/09  1:15pm
    When Social Security asks you to see any doctors, always keep in mind that these doctors work for Social Security and not you, so they do not have your best interest in mind when examining you. They are paid a fee by Social Security for each person they see, so the more claimants they process, the more money they make. Often times they are caught saying they performed exams that they in fact never performed, or make mistakes, even false statements about you in their reports. Many times SS will send you to doctors that have very limited knowledge of your specific health conditions, who are not specialists, or even the proper type of doctor, to be examining you for the type of medical conditions that you have, even though SS is sending you to them for an examination. Try ahead of time to do some research on the doctor you are going to be seeing. Find out exactly what type of doctor it is and their credentials (whether or not they are board certified, if they have misconduct complaints against them etc). You can often find out these sorts of things on your state health department website. It will help you to know this information if you need to dispute their findings in the future. Make sure you keep the appointment and audio/video tape record the visit, if possible bring someone else with you to the exam and try to make sure they are in the room with you at all times. It is very important to get copies of all the doctors reports after the exam to make sure it was performed properly and accurately and notify Social Security immediately if it was not. These reports will become a part of your SS file, and will be referred to throughout the disability claims process, so it is crucial that they are totally accurate. Be very honest and specific about your condition. DO NOT wear make up or dress fancy â act, dress, look, function like you would on an average day. If possible have someone drive you to the appointment who knows about your medical conditions (family/close friend) and whom can also tell the doctor how these diseases affect your life. Make sure SSD doctors know that you have followed all medical recommendations you were given by your doctors and what affect they are having on your condition. If you have not been able to follow your doctors recommendations due to side affects that have been problematic to your condition, make sure you alert the SSD doctor to that as well. Bring the following with you to your appointment:
    A list of ALL your medical conditions both mental and physical
    A list of ALL your medications and supplements â including dosage, the amount you take each day and what you take them for
    A pain listing/diary â explain the type of pain you have, where you have it, frequency and severity (scale of 1-10)
    A list of ALL the doctors you have seen in the past year and reason for seeing them
    VERY IMPORTANT: list all the things that you cannot do now that you used to be able do before your illness (work/daily activities) and the reasons you cannot do them any longer (how your illness prevents you from performing those activities)
  • Reply #10 06/23/09  12:52pm
    I got denied for my ssd/ssi claim. But I am doing much better now,have had a medicine switch,which is turning out to the the best thing I ever did!!! And I am concentrating on losing weight so maybe my knee issues and back issues will get better. I believe God has a better plan for me instead of ssd/ssi. I am applying for work now with help from vocational rehab and hope to be working sooon!!!! I do enjoy working when I am "stable" on my meds..i like being with people..:) I am anxiously awaiting for what is ahead for me..:)

    Just wanted to give a little update..:)


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