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Still no decision after hearing...

Posted on 05/15/09, 07:01 pm
Monday, it will be one month since my SSD Hearing...and I haven't heard anything from SSD yet.

I tried calling my attorney today, and he's out of the office until Monday.

I called the Hearing office today, and the girl told me that usually you should hear something 5-10 days after the hearing; then she put me on hold...came back on and asked if I still had legal representation, and I said, Yes, and she said I needed to contact my attorney. She wouldn't tell me anything....

I'm going nuts here...what could possibly be the hold-up??
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  • Reply #1 05/15/09  7:38pm
    I waited almost three months for my hearing decision. I filed in Jan of 2007. Was denied the general 2 times, had a hearing on Oct 8th and I didn't hear anything until Dec 29th. (On that date I recieved a denial letter) I appealed to the appeal justice, my case was sent back to the ALJ and I am still waiting. The only thing I have heard is that they were going to set up an appointment with one of there Drs. and that was 45 days ago. I called them and they told me the examiner was out till the end of May on a family emergency. I am really getting upset. I am having a family emergency thats lasted 2 and a half years. Sorry I cant answer your question, but you have another nut here waiting with you. LOL
  • Reply #2 05/16/09  10:22am
    TLC, I was told it could take 30-60 days to get the decision. Sometimes, the ALJ will go ahead and tell you while you are in the hearing and that is what happened for me in Feb this year. It did take a month or more to get the written letter. Actually, I got my check before I got the decision but from what I have read from so many others, this is very common.

    I know when you hae an attorney involved, they want to go through them and sometimes that can be a real pain in the butt:( because the attorneys are not near as anxious as we are as to if the case was approved or denied.

    I am hoping for the best for you. Hang in there and maybe it won't be much longer before you know something for sure and can get some peace of mind.
  • Reply #3 05/16/09  10:27pm
    Thanks! I sure hope to hear something soon!
  • Reply #4 05/18/09  7:43pm
    I called my attorney today, and told him I haven't heard anything yet since my SSD Hearing last month. He told me that my local SSD Office is running behind, that's all it is, just running behind. He couldn't give me any estimation on how much longer it's going to be, b/c he really has no clue himself.

    The waiting continues...please continue to pray that I get approved! Thanks!
  • Reply #5 05/19/09  7:58am
    I had the same thing happen to mine in Feb and even though the ALJ told me he was approving the case, I was not able to rest until I had something in print in my hands. When it did not come, I figured the other ALJ had gotten to him and had him change his mind. You know how things run through your head.....

    I ended up calling the toll free number and mentioned that I had not received anything by mail yet. She was very nice, and of course, told me she was doing something she should not be doing, but read me a little of the letter that had actually gone out the day before. THe approval letter for me came from Baltimore so I am not sure where or who will be sending yours out.

    This was a second case wtih appeals, etc and I do not know if that makes a difference or not.

    I wish I could tell you something more that would help.

    My sister was approved at her first app but she is also terminal so that does make a difference. Her letter came to her from Atlanta so I really do not have a clue how they have this stuff set up. I am not always sure that they know and that is the problem!
  • Reply #6 05/19/09  10:29am
    took 3 months to hear something..said they couldn't tell me anything that I had to wait til they got someone to write the letter to me...got the letter first week of March, 2st week got my back check for the back pay..Just hold on a little longer, the hardest part is behind you.
  • Reply #7 05/30/09  2:00am
    UGH! Still NO DECISION! I'm trying my best to stay positive that I'm going to get approved!

    BUT...my house has been in foreclosure and I just got my Loan Modification Documents today in the mail...and I need to make a decision whether I'm going to keep the house by June 17th...and if so, I need to send them my 1st monthly payment.

    I've stalled and stalled on the foreclosure for quite a long time....I was hoping I would have a decision from my Hearing before the papers came....

    Not sure what to do....it'll be tough to make the payments on one income, but anywhere we would go to rent, we'd spend about that much in rent....but my home has fell into disrepair since I've been 'down'... it needs lots of things fixed up...

    PLEASE...let me get my decision soon and let me be approved!
  • Reply #8 05/30/09  11:29am
    Have you called the toll free number yet? It won't hurt just to call and ask. You do not have to go through anyone and you are just making a general inquiry.
  • Reply #9 05/30/09  5:20pm
    gamgam...yes, I called the 800 number yesterday to see if there was any update on my case...nothing! They haven't received any letter from the Hearing Office....they told me could take 2-3 months...Aack!

    What stinks is the money I was saving in order to try and pay to save the house has nearly been exhausted b/c I needed new tires on my car, was WAY behind on my electric bill...I don't have enough to pay the 1st installment! My DH has been calling off work at least 2 times a month b/c of knee pain or being sick....sometimes more...this paycheck and next paycheck are going to be short....if they were full checks we'd be OK. Then, it snowballs b/c if I pay by the 17th, I won't have enough for the next pymt due on the 1st of July.

    I'm really stressed that we won't be able to make the payment and fall behind again and then we're screwed. I REALLY need my SSD money!!!!

    I'm just SO sick of feeling like I feel....I WANT to get better! I'm tired of all the external stressors bothering me...they impact my healing....just want some stability so I can heal and get better!
  • Reply #10 05/31/09  9:23am

    I am sure you have explained your dire needs to your attorney. Does their office not think they should attempt to follow up on this for you so your home does not go into forclosure???

    While I realize the attorneys would shoot me for this, I am thinking that I would go down to the local office and plead for them to help me get some type of answer. I would not talk to just any one of the clerks but would make an appointment with a supervisor (assuming your attorney will not pursue a little harder) and tell them just what you have told us about your situation.

    Like I said, I know your attorney does not want you to do that but for heavens sake, you have to know something and given the circumstances, I do not think that you going in to talk to a supervisor is unreasonable at all. But that is just my humble opinion.

    I do not want to get you into hot water with your attorney which is why I said to contact them first and give them a chance to inquire on your behalf (which if I remember correctly, that is why he is getting 25% of your money).

    Wish I had more answers for you and trust me, I know all about the waiting thing and its enough in itself to give your a stress disorder and I am very serious when I say that.


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