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being sent to psychologist.....

Posted on 07/13/11, 08:05 am
Is this normal procedure for someone to b sent to a psychologist when there claim is in determination process??? thanks in advance for your time, hugs
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  • Reply #1 07/13/11  7:56pm
    Yes, it is. Especially if you have an invisible illness. I was sent to see one in the "reconsideration" phase and after I saw the doctor I received my denial about 10 days later. That was my 2nd denial. After I won at my ALJ hearing a year later and got a copy of my SSD records I was able to see that report from that doctor.

    She had reviewed my SS file prior to me being there and all my medical records that are in that file. She also made notes about observing me from her office window parking, (driving) and walking to the office. She is basically paid by the government to deny you so don't stress about it and just do the best you can.
  • Reply #2 07/13/11  11:03pm
    They made me go to one, too. Just got a big check today...so guess it was worth it. I haven't even been notified I was approved yet. No hearing, just the psychiatrist and then the check. Had a lawyer appt...obviously canceled.
    Don't stress over it...it will be fine :-)
  • Reply #3 08/09/11  11:53pm
    Absolutely, due to few bad apples that spoil it for the bunch, most people have to see a doctor of some sort to get approved. Too many frauds out there. If you have some type of condition that depression is a complication of or any other mental disorder, you must see a psychologist. And this is no time to be modest. Make you sure you lay it all out on the table.
  • Reply #4 08/16/11  2:50pm
    Thank you all for your responses. My main issue is fatigue due to chronic fatigue from e.b. mono ,r.a., hep c also several injuries to spine from auto accident which leave me with limited mobility.
    Best wishes to all out there who are going thru hard times due to health issues beyond your control.
    God Bless,
  • Reply #5 08/22/11  4:58am
    I had to go see their psychologist. I just told her everything and made sure she understood what I go through on a daily basis. That was in Dec of 2009 and I had a determination by June of 2010 in my favor. You just have to be totally honest and let them see what you go through.
  • Reply #6 09/09/11  4:56pm
    Well my appt. went well and I was told I would have an answer in 2 weeks, that was 1 wk. ago so I'm expecting something in the mail this next week. Hope it good news. Thank you all for your support.
    Hugs n best wishes, Vicky xxxxxxxx
  • Reply #7 09/10/11  9:21am
    Hi Vicky - Good Luck and please let us know the outcome; did you use Allsup for your attorney or an attorney in your area.


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