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Careers for people with SAD??

Posted on 06/04/09, 09:57 am
What are the options out there for people who struggle with social anxiety in terms of finding a fulfilling career? Is it even possible? So much of my anxiety is centered around the workplace and dealing with people and the pressures of speaking up, being assertive and participating in meetings, and communicating well, etc... How does someone with SAD find a career and manage to be successful and happy? Any thoughts?
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  • Reply #11 09/27/09  6:39am
    Hi! i have Social Anxiety and Depression. I'm in a very difficult Situation too. I have moved from Germany to California 3 years ago. That was a very big Step for me. I have to work soon. and i don't know how I shall deal with that. I am affraid to talk to Peoples ect.... The problem is I'm a florist and in that Job you have to talk with Peoples. It has always been very hard for me.Now i'm studying to get my GED. After that i want to study a new Carreer like Lab Technickan or so. I'm looking now for a Job where i dont have to deal with Peoples. But is that the Solution? Otherwise I would like to Work in my Job Florit because i love to Work with Flowers. Can anybody give me a Tip? I am Glad for any Help! From Sabine
  • Reply #12 09/30/09  7:53am
    A person might choose a career that enables them to be SAD/Creative;
    Landscape/gardener,seamstress,novelist,poet,columnist.Book keeper,Carpentry,refurbisher of antique furnisher,etc. Self employed, privately owned business allows you to choose enviroment and the people you engage with, if any. Someone else can market your wares.
  • Reply #13 09/30/09  8:07am
    I would have loved to be a florist. The smell is like heaven itself i,m sure.
    I too am a socail phobic. I Love people, but not the situations.
    Couldn,t you try to stay with floristry but work behind the scenes. I,v noticed in the past not everyone seems to serve in the shop. I was in a florist the other day. It was the daughter that had people skills, The Mum was busy making a posy, obviously shy,but sweet; sooo in keeping with the flowers. No words, just loves pure delight..obviously not everyone needs to talk to be interpreted as gentle. Her contribution to the occasion was delightful.
  • Reply #14 09/30/09  8:24am
    I think we are like flowers. In the garden we can brave out any storm,take us inside where people lurk,then we feel the fragility of our rare and delicate beauty; As if, like petals we can be crushed,bruised and distroyed without a second glance at the damage done.
    This is great, talking without opening a mouth,revealing without exposing. Thanks for this brief opertunity to not feel alone. I agree, how can anyone understand the innocence behind our inactions. I am a recluse,I have been for 14 years. In this solitude i find the peace that isn,t available in the world of people for me.
  • Reply #15 10/20/09  9:23pm
    I too have social phobia and have this question about careers. Right now Im in college and the classes Im taking are online of course and they are about how to pick your major and career research. But for me its not like every one else. I can't just choose what Im good at or what Im interested in and no one really gets that who doesnt have it. I have to pick something around my social problems and that doesn't leave me much. I did all the career tests with my social phobia controlling my answers and it said I would only work well in agriculture jobs. I guess they are more of the introverted type jobs. So I guess if you work outside in those type of careers they are the best for working alone and away from people according to MBTI and the STRONG Career Assessment tests.
  • Reply #16 11/11/09  6:19pm
    I have no real job at the moment and I think this question is really great cos I also would love to know. I have had a call centre job but quit after half a year cos I couldn't handle people being rude to me all the time and because I couldn't get them to do what I wanted, I was supposedly too nice and debt collecting is not about that. I am struggling with figuring out a career to look towards, i just feel like a bum right now and family thinks I don't want to work but I just don't know where to find a job that wont leave me so exhausted because of the anxiety. I'm really wondering if I can just "get used to it" cos in my experience in school and in the job i had i simply did not even get close to getting used to it.

    Anyways, my idea so far is freelance work in IT like web design or programming or something like that but i don't have the knowledge for that yet. I don't think you deal so many people in something like that and plus you don't have to leave home lol. Wow that would be a nice job to have.

    I also like the idea of Meha's job of working with animals that's a good one i think.
  • Reply #17 11/22/09  7:04am
    ...I chose a career that really made my anxiety come out. I never had such a problem with anxiety/depression before I went into teaching. I just thought I could handle it, no problem. It's been a challenge. I ended up taking a long time away from work (thankfully, long term disability insurance was there for me, I was very, very lucky) to get my act together. Now, I'm back full time as a teacher-librarian and the anxiety's cropping up again. I have to fight my doubts/worries/stuff every day. It keeps me up most nights.

    I wish I had followed my gut and became a florist, or a researcher - or just something quiet. The librarian part of my job is not as quiet as I'd like because I'm starting a library from scratch - it's a brand new school. A lot of pressure.

    Be gentle on yourself my friend, the answers will come - trust yourself.
  • Reply #18 11/24/09  5:48am
    I like the idea of working as a pet stylist. Dogs are mostly wonderful.
  • Reply #19 11/27/09  2:06am
    This is an interesting topic. :D I have a chronic anxiety regarding my hands (tremor which is a result of my own tension and extreme self consciousness). I have this problem ever since I could remember (which seems like forever) and it got worse during my working years. I started off working in a private company with very few staffs for about 4 long years. It's a job with almost nil interaction and as I only have myself to comtemplate, I was in an extreme state of self-consciousness. I moved on to work in an analyst job that requires interaction (a lot of it through phone) with people to solve problems and I love it though I'm still conscious of my tension. But to advance in the career, I need to utilise selling skill and product knowledge which I have very little so I backed out and changed my career to working with database stuff. Now I feel like I'm back to square one. This current job is like my 1st work that has minimal interaction with people and honestly I miss the interaction coz it makes me less conscious of my tension. I find that in getting busy (being involved in a task of solving something) my mind just wonders off from myself.

    So basically any jobs that you feel you can be involved in and takes your mind off you. - my 2 cent.
  • Reply #20 12/11/09  9:49am
    I do not see these barriers for me any more. I am disabled from a triple rollover but could work if my body was not spinally damaged.

    Right now you are telling yourself all kinds of things you can not do. Why not curtail that damaging thought. You only have a temporary disorder. It controlled my life for two bad years. If you want to improve you have to change your self talk. All your thoughts about yourself should be complimentary or you just let those thoughts go. It is not easy but you can be normal again.

    The invisible prison that we are in is temporary and just that invisible. The barriers of today will melt if you take up the fight and stop suffering.

    Take action and invest your energy in healing things. Quit thinking start action.

    There is a way out and i am proof of it.



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