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Posted on 05/20/11, 09:54 am
comments please girls .
Thought I would try to liven things up here.
I love doing this for my SO if I had one.
Do women like actual penitration with the tongue or just a lot of action around the love button ?
Any other tips or tricks would be appreciated.
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  • Reply #1 05/21/11  10:32am
    like everything else, depends on what the woman you're with likes, it never hurts to ask her how she likes oral done to her. It might also vary depending on what she wants at that particular time. For me, I don't like real soft, gentle oral, I like it more on the rougher side. I also like vaginal penetration with fingers during oral and/or sometimes anal penetration. There are times I like him to do some serious clit sucking and even a little biting works well for me at times. How I want it varies on what kind of sexual mood I'm in at the time and if I need him do something different, I let him know what I need.
  • Reply #2 05/23/11  10:03pm
    Thank You Leather !
    I pride myself on my ability going down on my female partner when i have one! I was asking, because most women dont talk (well not the ones I have been with) . i love feed back and trust me always follow thought !
    I like to give penitration with my tongue as well as a finger when i am working on the clit ! I wanted a womans point of veiw on this and thak you for your reply !
  • Reply #3 05/24/11  8:44am
    That's too bad the women you've been with don't talk or give feedback. I enjoy my partner giving me feedback, I like when he tells me what he wants and how he wants it, I expect him to let me know what he wants or if he wants something done differently and I do the same for him. I've never been accused of being quiet or shy. lol We're all different, we all like different things and none of us are mind-readers so if you want the best sex life you can possibly have, communicating to each other your wants, needs and desires is essential in my opinion.
  • Reply #4 05/25/11  8:20am
    I can't imagine not giving feedback or talking about it! Some are just insecure or uncomfortable talking about it, I guess!
  • Reply #5 05/27/11  10:44am
    tongue penetration doesn't do it for me.

    it's spelled 'cunnilingus' by the way
  • Reply #6 06/06/11  11:20am
    I love it all. Tonuge and finger penetration, work on my clit, kissing and massage of my thighs and stomach and butt. No anal play for me while your face is down there but that's about it. I like using objects or toys during oral too. I am all about feedback. I'm not the easiest person for someone to get off so it takes a lot of guidance.
  • Reply #7 06/06/11  2:57pm
    i suppose if someone's tongue were long and nimble enough to apply pressure to my interior, tongue penetration would be fun. it's not that i mind it, i think it's just not worth the strain.

    anyway, keeping in mind that like most women i do enjoy cunnilingus (gently on the sensitive parts, please!), i will go ahead and describe to you one of my absolute favorite receiving activities. it's graphic but you asked for it:

    lying on my stomach, receiving analingus (after rigorous attention to hygiene!) from my partner, while they simultaneously stroke my clit.
  • Reply #8 06/08/11  1:12am
    Thanks for the feed back :)
  • Reply #9 06/17/11  2:10am
    I find tounge penetration very enjoyable... if you SO doesnt communicate pay attention to her body language ie. if shes pushing into you she wants more pressure on clit if she shrinks back ease up on the toungue and move to another area like the tounge penetration and if she grabs your head and starts grinding just stick your tounge out and get ready for the ride she's gonna go ;)


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