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Permanent Brain Damage from Prednisone

Posted on 02/14/11, 09:10 pm
Prednisone has been shown to do permanent damage to the hippocampus in rats -- the area of the brain responsible form short and long term memory storage and retrieval, among other things. This would explain why I have been unable to remember simple names, spellings, or appointments.

What is scariest for me is that this memory damage was said to be permanent -- an actual degeneration of the cells; neuronal death. Similarly, the prefrontal cortex experiences degeneration, a loss of volume which would explain my inability to concentrate, my scattered fuzzy cognition, decision making problems, and lack of personality (or, rather, unrestrainedly PISSED OFF personality!) I am unable to write or speak as myself, because I feel as though my mind is always racing, as if in a constant state of stress; non-stop fight or flight mode. Damage to this area of the brain, too, is believed to be permanent.

I am losing everyone I love because this drug makes me so vicious. I say things that my healthy self never would have said, sharp deeply-hurtful things in a flash of red which ends relationships. Even after I explain to those close to me that I am, essentially, "eating stress" and that it causes major shifts in my mood, I am left alone. They have been hurt by me, the damage is done, and I am left with only their memory and endless regret.

Prednisone additionally thins the skin which, in combination with the increased appetite, has led me to one of the most unsightly of its side-effects; the stretch marks. They are ugly red/purple cracks in my skin which now run up both sides of my trunk, my back, stomach, and even on my arms! The full body acne and moon face, I assure myself, will fade and return to normal with time -- but these deep cracked scars will not. 3 women have stopped talking to me after seeing my upper body. This was heart-wrenching, as I realize the drug has disfigured, not only my mind, but my body in ways which disgust others. A revolting frame to accompany my revolting personality, both thanks to the "miracle" drug Prednisone.
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  • Reply #1 03/25/11  9:30pm
    I am so sorry. I know exactly how you feel. It destroyed my marriage...
    I'm here if you ever need to talk and I won't runaway :)
  • Reply #2 09/02/11  8:30pm
    Hey Turboswami, your description of the effect of Prednisone on your mind and personality is exactly what I have been experiencing. You are definitely not alone in this regard. I have been on Prednisone for 38 years now and I have suffered with these side-effects for the majority of this time. I am definitely in a better place now than I have been in the past since I have stayed on a fairly low maintenance dose of 10mg. In the past, I have tried to get off it completely but my kidney infection invariably flares up and then I have to go on a very high dose and the side-effects are really bad. I just want you to know that there is a chance that you will not have to suffer in the future to the degree that you are now. Also, despite having suffered from the memory and cognitive issues, you remain very articulate and sound like a person of above average intelligence. I know it sounds so cliche, but you still have a lot to offer and you need to perservere and find ways of coping no matter how bad things are. Best of luck.
  • Reply #3 03/25/12  6:47am
    So it definitely does cause memory damage? I have to take it for asthma sometimes and I have this terrible sleep apnea and have memory damage from low oxygen at night. I find though that prednisone helps me to wake up more refreshed and I can think clearer on it at 10mg before bed?
    there's an online video from a neurologist researcher that says that it does destroy neurons maybe even at 10mg
  • Reply #4 03/25/12  6:49am
    I'm in a terrible place because if I don't take it I can't sleep and I end up with headaches and memory problems and thinking problems and if I do take it then it causes brain damage and moon face and adrenal damage/high blood sugar, liver damage
  • Reply #5 04/08/12  9:19am
    hi Turboswami! thanks for your post! so at what dosage does prednisone cause these memory problems? my pulmonologists say that I don't need it even though my FEV1 and FVC is around 70, but I have sleep breathing problems so occasionally I take 10mg
  • Reply #6 04/09/12  8:15pm
    how can mannose stop glucocorticoid damage? what is mannose, is it found in foods or supplements?
  • Reply #7 04/13/12  9:30pm
    can you eliminate brain damage from prednisone by balancing it with mannose?
    like if you take 10mg prednisone how much mannose would you have to take??


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