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foods low in potassium and phosphorous

Posted on 01/30/11, 06:22 pm
Jenny was good enough to make this list of foods that are safer than most for those who have to limit potassium and phosphorous. thank you for doing that. I felt it would be better here where it will stay:

Foods Low in Potassium (less than 150 mg per serving):
One serving is about 1/2 cup or as stated

BREAD & STARCHES: Breads (any type); Bagels; Crackers (graham, soda, snack); Cookies; Corn Chips; Croissants; Doughnut; English Muffin; Pasta; Popcorn; Rice; Sweet Roll; Triscuit; CEREAL - all others including: Cap N' Crunch; Cheerios; Corn Chex; Cornflakes; Cream of Wheat; Crispix; Grits; Kix; Life; Oat Bran (1/4 cup); Oatmeal; Special K; Wheaties

VEGETABLES: Alfalfa Sprouts; Beans (green, wax); Bean Sprouts; Beets, canned; Cabbage, coleslaw; Cauliflower; Cucumber; Eggplant; Garlic; Hominy; Lettuce; Onion; Parsley; Peppers; Radish; Snow Peas; Turnips; Water Chestnuts

FRUITS: Apples; Apple Juice; Applesauce; Apricots, canned (4-halves); Blackberries; Boysenberries; Blueberries; Cranberries; Cranberry Juice; Fruit Cocktail; Grapes; Grape Juice; Lemon; Lime; Papaya Nectar; Passion Fruit; Peaches, canned; Peach Nectar; Pears, canned; Pineapple; Plums; Raspberries; Strawberries

DAIRY PRODUCTS: Cheese; Eggs; Cottage Cheese; Sour Cream; Thank You brand canned pudding; Hunt's pudding cups

MISCELLANEOUS: Almond Joy Bar; Butterscotch; Caramel (5 pc.); Coffee; Fig Bars; Gelatin; Gingersnaps; Hard Candy; Hershey's Chocolate Syrup; Jam/Jelly; Kit Kat Bar; Ketchup (1 Tbsp); Krave Bars; M&M's, plain; Mrs. Dash; Ocean Spray; Peanut Butter (1 T.); Nestle Crunch Bar; Nutri-Grain Bars; Onion Rings; Popsicles; Pie (apple, cherry, lemon, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry); Rice Cakes; Salad Dressing; Soda Pop; Sorbet/Sherbet; Sunny Delight; Tang; Tea; Three Musketeers Bar; Very Fine Juice (apple, banana, strawberry)

Foods Low in Phosphorus (less than 110 mg per serving):

MEATS, ETC: Egg (one): Hot Dog (one); Sausage, fresh; Frozen Fish Sticks (two sticks)

BREAD & STARCHES: Bagel (one); all Bread (one slice); Biscuit (one made from refrigerated dough); Croissant (one); all Crackers (four); Cereals, including: Cocoa Puffs (1 cup); Corn, Rice CHEX (1 cup); Corn Flakes (1 cup); Corn Pops (1 cup); Cream of Wheat (3/4 cup); Kix (1-1/3 cup); Rice Krispies (1-1/4 cup); Special K (1 cup); English Muffin (one); Pasta (1/2 cup); Noodles (1/2 cup); Rice (1/2 cup); Popcorn (1 cup); Tortilla (one)

VEGETABLES All Vegetables are Low in Phosphorus

FRUITS: All Fruits are Low in Phosphorus

DAIRY PRODUCTS: Brie (1 oz); Cream Cheese (2 Tbsp); Feta Cheese (1 oz); Ice Cream (1/2 cup); Half & Half (1/2 cup); Grated Parmesan Cheese (2 Tbsp); Sour Cream (2 Tbsp); Whipping Cream (1/2 cup)

NUTS & SEEDS: Macadamia Nuts (12 nuts); Peanuts (28 nuts); Walnuts (14 halves)

MISCELLANEOUS: Cake (one piece); Coffee (6 oz); Cookie (one); Fruit Works; Hard Candy; Jelly Beans; Nestea COOL Iced Tea (8 oz); Non-dairy Creamer (1/2 cup); Pie (one piece); Ready-to-Eat Pudding (1/2 cup); Unenriched Rice Milk (8 oz); Snickers bar (one 2 oz bar); Soda Pop (12 oz); Tea (6 oz)
Foods Low in Sodium (less than 100 mg per serving):
1 serving is about 1 cup or as stated

MEATS, ETC: All Meats that are NOT Cured, Smoked or Highly Processed; Boiled Eggs (1); Egg Beaters; Tofu, raw firm; Low Sodium Canned Tuna (1 can)

BREAD & STARCHES: Salt Free Bread (1 slice); Corn Pops; Cream of Wheat, instant cooked (3/4 cup); Frosted Mini-Wheats; Pasta, Noodles, Rice, white/brown

VEGETABLES: Canned Vegetables without Salt, All Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables without Sauce, Campbell's Low Sodium Soup

FRUITS: All Fruits are Low Sodium

DAIRY PRODUCTS: Butter (1 Tbsp); Colby Jack Cheese (1 slice); Cream Cheese (2 Tbsp); Evaporated Milk, canned (1 Tbsp); Milk (whole, 2%, 1%, skim); Muenster Cheese (1 slice); Neufchatel Cheese (1 oz); Parmesan, Grated (1 Tbsp); Ricotta (1 oz); Sour Cream (1 Tbsp); Swiss Goat's Milk; Yogurt

SNACKS/DESSERTS: Apple Newtons, fat-free (2 cookies); Animal Crackers (11 pieces); Ice Cream (½ cup); Jell-O, sugar-free; Kit-Kat Wafer Bars (1.5 oz bar) Mr GoodBar (1.74oz bar); Redenbacher Popcorn, microwave no salt (2 Tbsp unpopped); Rice Cakes (1 cake); Rice Krispies Treats Squares (0.8 oz sq); Ritz Crackers (5 cracker); Snackwell's fat-free Devil's Food Cookie Snack (1 cookies); Sorbet; Vanilla Wafers (8 cookies); Low sodium Wheat Thins (16 crackers); Zestidos (11 chips)

MISCELLANEOUS: Apple Butter (1Tbsp); Bac-Os (1-1/2 Tbsp); coffee; Coffee-Mate Creamer (1 Tbsp); Croutons (1 Tbsp); Egg Nog; Hellmann's Mayonnaise (1 Tbsp); Honey; Horseradish; Mrs. Dash; Mustard; Nestle Crunch Bar; Nutri-Grain Bars; Soda Pop; Soy Milk, Tea "


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