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Why do cats sleep on top of you at night???

Posted on 03/31/08, 08:05 am
Why do cats sleep on top of you at night??? WHY??? I need sleep too. When I finally get to sleep there is a cat on top of me arms stretched out, little furry paws touching my face. Why do they do that??????? Oh and one of then is quite heavy.
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  • Reply #11 04/01/08  4:49pm
    i would love my cat 2 lie on top of me....she will only lie on my pillow or beside me on the duvet......it gets very hairy and i have 2 hoover all her hairs off the next.....i dont mind cause i love her ...but i am slightly allergic 2 cat hairs
  • Reply #12 04/01/08  5:28pm
    well cats need some Protection at night maybe she is afraid of the dark!
  • Reply #13 04/01/08  6:09pm
    Your warm and have a heartbeat!
  • Reply #14 04/01/08  9:41pm
    One of my cats used to sleep on my pillow above my head. Hogged the entire pillow, but I loved it. He was a feral I had tamed and he was like white on rice with me. I miss him so much :(
  • Reply #15 04/01/08  10:52pm
    Well I thought cats do this to remind you that They Own You. Also you can't read a newspaper because They Own You. I don't have a cat at this time but am wanting one. I love it when they sleep on top of you and purrr!
  • Reply #16 04/02/08  1:15am
    Our family cat love to first nuzzlw my under arm then she will start to knead and curl up on my upper part of my cheat and end up with her spine on my neck, one of these day I am going to pass out from lack of air. If I move her she put her tailess read in my face! So I have to gently move her around and if I make her mad she will attack my face. She love also to sleep with her head on my heart, since she was an abused kitten when we first got her I would comfort her like I did my now fur-angel when he was not well. {It took me over year before I could let another cat do that when he had his homecoming}
  • Reply #17 04/02/08  1:17am
    forgot to say we have a cat who loves to sleep on our pillow, BUT he also LOVES to wash and its the slupping type of washing session. PLus, it made me wake up stopped up, since he is a long hair cat.
  • Reply #18 04/02/08  2:06am
    I sleep on my side at night and the cat will crawl up onto the side of my rip cage to my hips and go straight to a dead-weight sleep! if i roll over he just adjust acordingly ! i think i'm like one of those rolling logs in those lumberjack competetions some days! he never gets off me no matter what!
  • Reply #19 04/02/08  7:25am
    My 2 dogs sleep on my pillow. I always thought they were looking out for me.
  • Reply #20 04/02/08  11:39am
    I think they love our body heat and the sounds of our heart beat and or breathing. The only crazy thing that I can't stand is that mine doesn't just "lay" there; she has to purrr like a motor and kneed for VERY long times! She's so loud! It's actually kind of funny! They ARE so cute though when they're that content! I wish I could be as content as that on some days.LOL


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