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  • April 2013 is Pet Appreciation Month!

    Posted by Jessica - 04/02/13, 10:18 am

    It's Pet Appreciation Month! Here at DailyStrength, our community cares so much about our pets. Each year, we gather to remember the health benefits and good feelings that our pets provide to us each day. To participate, simply upload a photo of your pet and/or share a story on the discussion board...

  • Flowers

    colleennz (04/25/16)

    I have just found this group. I live in New Zealand and would love a hug or a message from someone. I live alone with two beautiful cats in a rain forest. I am in constant pain with fibromyalgia and allergies from one of the tree species here. I don't know which one yet. George is a B ...

  • Hug

    franciann2016 (03/22/16)

    I found your group and luv it........ALL OF IT! Honestly, I do not know how to get Lil' Dude's (my mini-schnauzer)photo onto this Lil' Dude was named by my Grandson, Damion, when he was 13; he's 18 now. I live in an independent seniors' bldg. and Du ...

  • Prayer

    JaneanHughey (02/09/16)

    To that cold hearted person who desperately needs to feel the love of a pet..

  • Hug

    Oldiebutgoodie (12/09/15)

    Never enough hugs, for all (((( HUGS ))))

  • Hug

    adamsmile23 (10/29/15)

    A Hug for everyone to share

  • Hug

    Oreo11 (10/13/15)

    Hi there! I just joined. I have a baby that just turned 11. He is part shih Tzu & part Pekingese. He is the most lovable little guy ever. When he was 6 a disc exploded in his back. The vet thought we might lose him because he could not use his hind legs. He never once whined or cried, just wo ...

  • Hug

    TheStruggleIsReal (09/19/15)

    Hey everyone! I just joined! I have one fur baby, he's a 5 year old cocker spaniel, his name is Booda!! I want so badly to get him a lil brother ;) I've been wanting a grey french bulldog!! Hopefully soon!! :) ♥

  • Hug

    Renee0913 (09/03/15)

    Hello everyone! I just joined and am super excited because I love my pets and love hearing about other peoples pets! I currently work in the vet field and love educating people who want to learn. I have 2 fur babies named Bella and Abel. They are two young kittens that have their own quirky p ...