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Soy Milk like Silk

Posted on 12/19/09, 07:11 am
Anyone hear that that helps with peri menapause symptoms?
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  • Reply #1 12/19/09  7:20am
    I just gooled soy milk and peri menapause. It is. I picked up a small cartin, now I will get a larger carton. It may be less expensive than progesterone creme(bioidenticals)
  • Reply #2 01/25/10  1:15pm
    Yes, I have read that, and I am drinking (on average) one cup per day. Usually as milk for a Flax cereal I found.

    I checked out from the public library: The Wisdom of Menopause, by Christiane Northrup, MD. It's very good and has a lot to say about perimenopause too. You could check out her website too, if you're interested. She is an OB/GYN who started her own practice to help women using a more natural, holistic approach to medicine. Now she writes books and gives lectures. This is the second book of hers that I've read and found them both very helpful.

  • Reply #3 03/26/10  8:50pm
    I'm drinking a cup a day & I finding really like it too. Its gotta be doing something good for me if I'm liking it so much.
  • Reply #4 03/22/11  9:13pm
    I read about the possibilities of Soy Milk 20 years ago way before I ever even started with the Perimenopause. I have been drinking it for years, SoyMilk, Almond Milk and Rice Milk - I tend to stay away from regular milk now, I used to love it but I like things that are healthy and Soy Milk if you read the lables of the Nutritional Value blows any kind of milk out of the water. I 40 now, but starte with the "change" before the "change" in 2007.
  • Reply #5 08/11/12  10:38pm
    i buy chocolate soy milk. feel best when i drink a lot of it. makes me feel happy. without it i feel grumpy etc.
  • Reply #6 06/14/13  1:49am
    I am drinkinking Lactaid milk with the purple cap I like it ,it 90 cal's
  • Reply #7 06/14/13  2:04am
    I like it better than reg. milk. I am 45 and irregular I have not been regular for a long time. I am on a lot of pills and have lots of issues . from epilepsy to migraines to overweight to neuropathy and more I tired of all these problems...
  • Reply #8 09/20/13  6:53pm
    My acupuncturist told me that soy is a "cold" food, cold which relates to digestion, but that it can help cool our body temperature, as in how warm we feel. I have found that when I consume soy (and other things like sea kelp tablets) that I have much less trouble with feeling overly warm, and it keeps my minor hot flashes at bay. So, that might not be the only reason to drink soy during perimenopause, but it is good enough for me. lol
  • Reply #9 12/18/15  7:53pm
    Better get me some soy milk.
  • Reply #10 06/24/16  10:37pm
    ladies... just want to share about soy milk... I recant my post above b/c I got breast cancer. I think my "year of soy" was a bad idea. I had a spot they'd been watching during mammos and it had not changed, ever, but after my year of soy it began to change. I ended up with stage 0 DCIS that was removed with just a mastectomy. Long story short... soy isn't a good idea. For one, soy is used in so many packaged foods and is usually in a form that is not healthy for various reasons (intensified like high fructose corn syrup, as a generic description) as well as being a highly GMO food in nearly all cases. And it is a plant estrogen which the short version is that it can align women with breast cancer. For a longer, more articulate version, there's lots of data online if you want to Google it. In fact, pls don't take my word for it, please read about soy before you partake and I hope you don't end up with the outcome I did. best wishes... m


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