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  • signs that a person is passive-aggressive

    Posted by 79pounds - 04/18/08, 03:32 pm

    There are certain behaviors that help identify passive-aggressive behavior. [3]Avoiding responsibility by forgetfulness Chronic lateness and forgetfulness Complaining, Blaming others Does not express hostility or anger openly - (e.g., expresses it instead by leaving notes) Fear of authority, of...

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  • Flowers

    79pounds (01/01/09)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2009 to you!!!!!

  • Hug

    79pounds (12/28/08)


  • Hug

    79pounds (10/11/08)

    posted an emotional iq test on here. also posted something else, as i was acting passive aggressive again today. why do it do that?

  • Good Luck

    79pounds (09/02/08)

    lots of luck to you everyone.