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Victim Impact Statement

Posted on 04/29/10, 08:12 am
Dear ones who are sharing the pain of a child that is molested,

Make your Victim Impact Statement in court if you have the opportunity, I did and although it did not change the outcome of the sentancing the court heard how these horrific crimes affect and decimate families. As I waited my turn I sat in the courtroom with people that I never thougth I would ever be around and felt so out of place. As I watched the process the attorney's talking about people and events as if they were reading a boring book I realized that they did not "get-it" these and any other crimes are committed against real people, real children that live and breath. It was a terrifying sight to see that our judicial system is so desensitized to the anguish that these crimes cause.

Through God's grace I was able to get half way through what I wanted to say but I guess that was enough as the judge was visibly moved. I shared the damage to my daughter, the pain and anguish that my husband and I have endured and the loss that our other children have experienced in losing the sister that they knew. I shared the sleepless nights, the torturous emotions, and the mental anguish that a parent should never have to experience.

We must speak up, we must fight for our children to be fairly represented in courts across the country our laws and punishment for molestation are so inadequate.

Stay with God for He carried me through this horrible day and blessed me with a peace after it was done.

as the song says "I'm not alright, I'm broken inside..." but I will keep fighting.
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  • Reply #1 04/29/10  12:24pm
    Wow That is so cool . God is good. I don't know if we will be going to court but yes I pray opportunity to share the preventable anguish we went through.
  • Reply #2 04/29/10  2:30pm
    June 10th..... Just waiting for the day to come. I have my daughters counselor reading my Victims impact statement. She is going to help me..... I am very nervous because his whole family will be there and they blame my daughter for what happened. But I am also able to ask for reimbursement for things I feel that I am owed.... Like loss of wage, etc. My ex has never worked a day in his life I don't think, but I am going to ask that he be put to work while in prison, so he is able to fund some money towards us having to help raise our grandson. I totally agree with you that our government and workers have become so desensitized, that there is no feelings. But if I were dealing with this every day, I would become tough too. It is way to painful to think that this is happening every minute of every day to some child in this world. I think of that with every breath that I take now. It never really use to cross my mind until it happened to me. When I get everything together, hopefully you all will stand behind me to get some laws changed federally. This needs to be done!! Congrats for being strong and making your statement. I am very proud of you!! Hugs and prayers!!!
  • Reply #3 04/30/10  3:13pm
    Congrats for making your statement. It's so difficult to do and an opportunity that so few actually get. We did not have anyone there for us when I read our impact statements. His own mother didn't even show up to court that day. I really wish the family had been there. Maybe then they would understand what we have been through and not be so mad at us for "what we did to him" when he was sent to jail for a mere 61 days. We need harsher laws and will be willing to fight for those if I only had an idea where to start.

    It is very true that the ones involved in the case (lawyers,judges,police) get very cold. They see so much of this type of thing. It's sad, but becoming cold and desensitized is the only way to stay sane in their jobs. I find myself doing it too.
  • Reply #4 04/30/10  5:41pm
    Well brokensun..... When I get back from giving my Victims Statement, the first thing on my list is to get researching and get some bills together to get passed through congress!! So hang in there and we can do it together!!! I am not ashamed to stand up and show my face. I am not embarrassed about any of this. I didn't want for it to happen but it has made me a stronger person. I will keep everyone informed on what I am doing and get it going soon. Promise!!!
  • Reply #5 05/01/10  8:25am
    I really hope we get to do one when it's all said and done and I hope his family is there. I want them to see what kind of person they've been "protecting" all these years. I too will fight for stronger laws. It's ridiculous how blind our lawmakers are.
  • Reply #6 05/02/10  7:11pm
    I will help with anything to get these laws changed! I have one more battle, to get her needed care paid for by the church organization that hired this creep.

    So count me in for the fight, we will run the good the race to the finish.


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