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  • Child Sexual Abuse: Symptoms,What to Look For, Perpetrators

    Posted by GatorMom - 05/04/08, 09:13 am

        Child Sexual Abuse...

  • Child Abuse Research and Statistics

    Posted by GatorMom - 04/12/08, 08:02 pm  Child Sexual Abuse It can be very difficult to talk about sexual abuse and even more difficult to acknowledge that sexual abuse of children of all ages including infants happens every day. Sexual abuse of children has become the subject of great co...

  • Prayer

    madisen10 (08/13/14)

    Please pray for my daughter who is 14 and disabled who was sexually abused while she was living in her foster home to help with her disability, there adult nephew did this to my sweet daughter.

  • Prayer

    hugs4me (02/09/14)

    Please pray for my daughter to be believed about her father's abuse and for her to begin healing and have the desires of her heart. We are in the middle of a big family court mess and there is a court psychologist in charge of reporting to the court. My ex-husband has a lot of money and is ...

  • Hug

    hugs4me (02/09/14)

  • I'm With You

    stichedpurple8 (10/03/13)

    You are not alone in this trial! Reach out and lets get through this together, one day at a time!

  • Prayer

    mother82 (09/27/13)

    I am asking for your prayers in this difficult time for me and my children and to all those who have been hurt in situations like this.

  • Hug

    mother82 (07/01/13)

  • Hug

    cathymathy (06/23/13)

  • Flowers

    JOYHOLY (06/19/13)