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Posted on 11/15/13, 12:59 pm
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  • Reply #1 11/15/13  1:13pm
    Ok it's obvious that this author is back n the 1970's and has absolutely no clue about estrangement s of today. Still the same BS blaming parents. Oh well, she is out of touch with today's estrangement dynamics. There was not a way to leave comments or I certainly would have done so.
  • Reply #2 11/15/13  1:15pm
    I did all this and TRIED to even reason or contact, I couldn't even defend myself. I never found out what I did. Nice people to not handle things like the EC that won't even talk, explain, go to counseling, etc.. It's just cruel and mean. I can't think of one thing that would make me treat my mother under the circumstances I've heard here. Mind you, there are reasons but not like we have shared here. I have got to stop asking myself WHY????
  • Reply #3 11/15/13  1:17pm
    I agree PGH2013! I look for answers all the time to make some sense out of all this. These authors could not have possibly experienced this.
  • Reply #4 11/15/13  1:18pm
    First of all CROCK OF SHIT would be an upgrade to this article. If you do some research on Miss Sheri Oz the publisher of the article she wrote a book on sexual trauma.So clearly She was more then likely sexually abused, estranged from her parents and expected an apology! When I have time I may sit down and write her one hell of a letter She also has a FB page! I just dont have time right now to go entertain myself with her stupidity!!!!!!!!
  • Reply #5 11/15/13  1:29pm
    Second you on all, Cara! Gotta research the so called "experts". They're only human, no?

    & what is it with all of these "Dr. Oz's" floating around the last decade or so? Is it some way of getting us to believe we aren't in Kansas anymore, in many more ways than one? Hmmmm....


  • Reply #6 11/15/13  1:32pm
    Poppycock........<always wanted to say that> Sounds to me like the author had her own agenda..

  • Reply #7 11/15/13  1:40pm
    During the nearly two years of hell we experienced from our ES as descended into depression and paranoia and threats of suicide etc etc and he became more and more convinced that EVERYTHING that was wrong in his life was due to his AWFUL upbringing, we did on many occasions apologise for any hurt we may have unwittingly caused him, scratching around trying to find out what exactly we had done that was so awful, when his three older siblings claimed and do so to this day, that his and their childhood was very loving and happy. This made no difference AT ALL. The therapist that we paid for him to see, who turned out to be useless, suggested that he might have a narcissistic personality disorder - well that was the last straw, because our ES then researched every night, all night on the internet for weeks on end, and came to the conclusion that both myself and him are the worst narcissists out, that his father and sister are "inverted narcissists" whatever that is, and there was no hope for him. We did finally persuade the authorities to have him sectioned. He spend 5 months being apparently successfully treated and has been estranged from us ever since. I don't know that ANY approach towards him now would make the slightest bit of difference to this "stalemate" I wish almost every minute of the day that there was one, and hang on to the reasonable assumption shared by my friends and family that we are no more dangerously narcissistic than the average - indeed if we were not slightly that way we would not survive at all!
  • Reply #8 11/15/13  3:26pm
    My daughters went silent during a health crisis. They would not answer the phone or emails. I had called that morning to ask about the ones illness and tell her we had a bad snowstorm here as she was going to the Doctor.. That afternoon I was called by the other sister and told that she wanted her space and I was to leave her alone. From that point on they shunned me. There had been problems before that but the one girl had lived here fourteen years rent free and she became very abusive. After we asked her to move she went silent while she was sick.

    This link is a crock!!.. Disagreements are a two way street. Communication is only possible when both people want it. My daughters over the years have reduced our conversations to nothing as they don't want to talk about anything and everything they do is a giant secret. They have reduced our time together to our having to ask questions which we don't want to do. The one who lived her all these years blames all her failures on me. I tried to help her in every way I could until she was 36.. Use of my car, new computer to go online school and the longer she was here the less she would do. I think she had depression but she kept getting angrier and angrier and irrational. I couldn't live with it anymore. I am a senior and I got really tired of cleaning up after her. I have apologized for anything I ever did or they think I did and I have never gotten one back. When people won't answer the phone, won't answer emails and won't discuss a problem there is no way to correct any problems. I have waited for two years for one of them to call me and make an effort to work this out. I have written to find one shred of love or concern they might have for us. Anything to work this out. Mostly my emails went out into silence. Then I was told I was a stalker.......I quit!
  • Reply #9 11/15/13  3:40pm
    I was called a stalker because I just wanted to ask if we could iron this whole out in some way. When I think how I talked slowly, deliberately, measuring my words, kept a check on my facial expression, so she might even accept that. Its really embarrassing and ridiculous to have to measure every little tone, etc. NOTHING worked!!!!! We are made to look like fools. IM STOPPING. but, Im am still very sad over the whole thing. But, I am trying to build a new life. I wont miss the abusive talk, rolling of the eyes, silent treatment, disagreeing with everything I say, indifference, and the playing games about seeing my EG.
  • Reply #10 11/15/13  4:51pm
    Just was mulling thru this woman's fB PAGE Clearly she has issues wit her 2 adult daughters read down thru her page,,,https://www.facebook.com/oz.sheri


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