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Prayers for Me

Posted on 03/10/13, 01:39 am
Well my Ed gets married in 7 days. There is nothing I can do. I have turned this over to him.Good Luck Lord. She is a piece of work. Just pray for me to be able to stay busy and get through this week and maybe when it is over I can be normal again.I don't know how I will ever be able to get over not being included in her wedding cause It hurts like hell and the tears are flowing as I write this. Thanks to all for being her for me during this time in my life. I already feel like I am in Hell now. All I know is to pray about it. That is all I can say for now . I know how it feels to have a broken heart.
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    I am so sorry. We went through this last year. It was horrible. Is there anyone that you can go out with tomorrow? Maybe to a movie, shopping or dinner. Stay as busy as you can. I am sending you hugs. I hope that in some small way it comforts you knowing that we all care about you.
  • Reply #2 03/10/13  1:59am
    My thoughts and prayers are with you this week -- you can get through this. Broken hearts hurt, but they can heal with God's help. Just take it one day at a time this week ... The shame is on our kids ... just keep breathing ... be kind to yourself and take it slow ... it takes time to heal and recover from these blows.
    Do what you can to take extra care of YOU this week -- and let the rest go ... We are all here for YOU and for YOU... ((hugs))
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    Oh I'm sorry, I just reread your message and realized that you said in seven days. ~ This is just an idea but I want you to think about it. Do you have a passion? Animals, children, the elderly? As much as you might not want to go out I want you to consider volunteering a half hour some where. Maybe going to a nursing home and sitting with someone for a few minutes. You could bring a book or flowers or even a magazine. Or maybe going to your community's animal shelter and offering to walk a dog. Get out your phone book and call a few places to see what it needed. You only have to commit to thirty minutes. Trust me on this and try it.
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    I'm so sorry, Cswiney. Lord knows it hurts to have the heartache of the broken dreams of things like special days and events that we thought we would share with our ECs. Do what you need to do for you to get through the week, focus on things that are good for you and enrich you. Hugs and prayers.
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    CS, my daughter eloped with a guy 9 years her senior. She did not tell anyone intil after the fact. You will get through it but it will take time to accept you were not a part of it. The cruelty just sickens me! I will be holding you close in my thoughts this week. Hugs my friend!
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    We will all be holding you close in our thoughts this week. A fear of mine is as you say, them getting married or having children and leaving me out of it all. I feel your pain. Hugs and prayers to you :)
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    I learned about my daughter's upcoming wedding invitation from a friend. I had several months to "adjust" to the fact that I was uninvited. She did tell my best friend that she was "considering" inviting me. But I didnt see that as a possibility after a few days passed from their conversation.

    I just kinda blocked it out. I did send her a simple text wishing her a beautiful day. And I did things that day... ordinary, not all that exceptional... and had a decent day. That was back in December. Now that I look back it is only ONE day. It was an special day and I wasnt invited, but in my case, the EX and his terrible parents would have been there and I am sure it was much more stable with me missing.

    It is what it is. I say that a lot during this time of trials.
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    That's my mom's advice, as well as the advice of the friends I trust best.
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    I am so sorry to hear of this CS, as I am all the other members who were not invited to weddings. I am still reeling from the cruelty of our EKs. They have no compassion. Yes, it is only one day. They will be busy with friends and their day, so......what would it mean to invite their mothers? It is so harsh.
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    My thoughts and prayers will be with you this week. The heartbreak is terrible. I agree with the others - try to stay busy that day. Do something that you've been wanting to do. Grab a friend and go on a day trip shopping somewhere. Or even better, go somewhere new for the weekend. Plan your own "Big Event" and try to enjoy it! Just don't be alone that day... Hugs to you and God Bless!


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