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  • To New Members

    Posted by cc54636 - 06/28/10, 07:46 pm

    TO NEW MEMBERS Posted on 06/28/10, 01:50 pm by LindaJean We want you to know that you should feel completely safe here to express your feelings. We are all here because of our pain over our estrangement from our children and we want to help you and support you through this difficult time in you...

  • Hug

    carenza (01/23/15)

  • Flowers

    KiwiSun (01/19/15)

    I woke up this morning to all these e mail notifications and people's responses, I can't tell you enough how much good it did me to to see that and not be alone xxx

  • I'm With You

    Rase (01/12/15)

    Thank you all for the 3 things challenge! Just reading through it lifted my spirits and I realize what a talented group we have! Wish I could see everyone's paintings, quilting, crocheting, etc!!

  • Hug

    cc54636 (01/10/15)

    Maybe everyone here needs a goodnight hug. Stay warm my friends.

  • Hug

    rainbow956 (01/01/15)

    Thank you to this group for the positive feelings that I'm not alone. Happy New Year and may it be peaceful for us all.

  • Flowers

    TXBlue (01/01/15)

    Happy New Year to all of us. 2015 has got to be better.