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  • To New Members

    Posted by cc54636 - 06/28/10, 08:46 pm

    TO NEW MEMBERS Posted on 06/28/10, 01:50 pm by LindaJean We want you to know that you should feel completely safe here to express your feelings. We are all here because of our pain over our estrangement from our children and we want to help you and support you through this difficult time in you...

  • I'm With You

    Susanl1 (1:54 am)

  • I'm With You

    Struggling9heart (1:44 am)

    Hope today is a good day for all love and hugs xx

  • Flowers

    Portia82104 (Yesterday)

    Hugs and flowers (even to the guys) to you terrific people who are dealing with ridiculous children who have somehow become people we don't know or really want to know. These strangers who make our lives miserable need to get out of our heads so we can live a life we can enjoy! Lots of hugs t ...

  • High Five

    kbfree (09/30/14)

  • I'm With You

    dmMcNew (09/30/14)

    Keep your heads up!!

  • High Five

    latelybliss (09/30/14)

    We're all doing better than we think we are. One bad day is just that... one bad day.