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  • To New Members

    Posted by cc54636 - 06/28/10, 07:46 pm

    TO NEW MEMBERS Posted on 06/28/10, 01:50 pm by LindaJean We want you to know that you should feel completely safe here to express your feelings. We are all here because of our pain over our estrangement from our children and we want to help you and support you through this difficult time in you...

  • Hug

    thinkhigh2rise (12/15/14)

    Now that XMAS 2014 is approaching so soon, I want to offer my support and encouragement to this wonderful group of people I have come to know on this site. Thank you for all your wise, kind words!!

  • Hug

    cc54636 (12/15/14)

    I just wanted to give a very BIG group hug to everyone here that are being supportive to those members in need. The holidays are the toughest times, and together we'll get through it all.

  • Hug

    kbfree (11/27/14)

    Big hug to everyone today. I can not say how grateful I am to each of you and to hs vefound this site.

  • Hug

    dsmaggie (11/27/14)


  • Hug

    Missingmydanigirl (11/27/14)

    I'm new and really don't know how all this works.. Posted my journal but am not sure if it's out there. However I could read your posts. I received a hug from nomoredrama and wanted to return n couldn't .. But thank you ... Happy Thanksgiving... May you all be blessed with lots ...

  • Hug

    NoMoreDramaMom (11/27/14)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all here who live in the U.S.! And to everyone: wishing you a wonderful day wherever you are, and whatever you plan to do today! Big hugs to all!