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Recurring vivid dreams

Posted on 01/18/10, 12:00 pm
Scenario: You have the same (not exact, but same in theory) dream over and over. Why?

Psychology believes that a. if you are dreaming of a specific person; that person possesses certain qualities you'd like to see in yourself. b. If you have recurring dreams where you die, it is a sign that an event is about to happen in your life that you are not prepared for (per my psych professor)c. dreams is a way for your brain to process the events that have occurred in your day/week/life.

Some people believe that they are memories of a past life.

Some people view them as fortuitous.

I have had fortuitous dreams in my life, only a handful. I should note that ALL my dreams are vivid. I have had a recurring dream of a person who I know in this lifetime that lasted for about 6 years, even in my naps. When I met this person, we both noted that it was if we knew each other from somewhere; though it was geographically impossible. Everytime I fell asleep, I'd dream of this person. Then, I have had recurring dreams of a house that I have never seen in this lifetime, in real life or in a movie. I can tell you most of the floor plan of the house and even the color of the walls in the upstairs bedroom. I once dreamed 3 nights in a row, very vividly that I was brutally murdered, like an out of body experience, saw myself being murdered. Shortly after, I caught my husband being unfaithful and divorced him. So I do give some credit to what my psych professer said. However, that does not explain other dreams I've had.

Any thoughts?
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    I think a big part of our brain operates on it's own. Like the part that grows our hair, regulates body chemistry, etc. Now when I dream, it is like I am being shown the dream, not like I am creating it, mostly. I really feel like most people ( me included) tend to operate unconsciously most of the time. My goal is to practice to become increasingly conscious. That is very important to me. When I say unconscious I mean that part of our brain that operates on it's own tends to influence or direct our actions. Much of this based on it's ( the brain's) reaction to sensations it receives from the environment. It does this by creating sensations and emotions which we tend to bend to. But what it wants to direct us toward is not always in our or other's best interest. And the collected negative energy from our lives ( stored pain) also has an influence here and tends to steer us toward more pain. My aim is to derail this process through increasing awareness.

    Now i do think it is possible that things come to us from the ether, the collective conscious, from beyond, from God, call it what you will, and that, through dreams would be one of the channels for this. But as I become more aware through my practice I see that much of my thoughts and dreams are distractions and not significant. Serving only the unconscious and the pain creation. Perhaps I will receive a proper message and I will know it and that it will come when I need it.

    But I am open to any possibility and I can only keep working on paying full attention to what is really going on here. In the past i have experienced premonitions at times. Only more recently did I realize that they might be premonitions before they have taken place. But I have nothing like that going on presently. And, in the past, they did not come to me through dreams but while I was awake.
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    Somewhere in my studies I read that if you tell youself before you go to sleep that "tonight I will dream, I will know that I am dreaming and I will remember that dream in it's entirety when I wake up" that you will do just that. I only practiced a little. My dreams are like watching a movie on a big screen tv. And my fortuitous dreams are never 'clear as a bell". For instance, When I was 18 years old, I dreamt that I was standing at the back of a church, then my father started walking me down the isle, I realize at that point that I'm getting married. We get to the alter, I look down and see that I am pregnant, so I turn to my right to see the man I am marrying, but all I can tell about him is that he is tall, dark headed, and has a tan. (Which would describe vitually every man I've ever dated in my life with the exception of 2, now some 16 years later. At the time, and honestly still to this day, I do no know if this was God or my spirit guides telling me that this will happen, telling me this will happen if you don't change your ways, etc. Never the less 18 months later, I got married to a tall dark headed man who tanned well as he worked outside and I was in fact 3 months pregnant. This is how my fortuitous dreams come. It's kind of like the show Medium, its not just all spelled out in black in white.

    Since my life study has been psychology, I read that an entire dreams lasts only a millisecond long, though they can seem to last hours. The article told of how the brain plays tricks on us and got me to thinking that NOTHING may actually be as it appears, only as our brains want us to see them. This acts as a defense mechanism to protect us from things our brains don't think we can handle; thus some people's ablity to completely block out parts of lives.

    I still wonder what the deal is with the recurring dream. Something, if only our brain is trying to tell us something. Honestly it got so bad I considered seeing a psychiatrist about it as it was starting to affect my waking life and consume me.

    In my life I've had 2 true near death experiences. I can tell you that when they say your whole life passes before your eyes, that is not exactly the truth, what flashed before my eyes was every sin I had commited that may potentially send me to hell, then I lost my vision,the ability to speak, then hearing and collapsed. SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME! As I was once a hospice nurse, I know that hearing is the very last thing to go. Gives me chills just recalling that day.

    The second time, I wasn't conscious so I don't recall anything other than not being able to wake up.
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    I went through a period where i journaled my dreams, even had a guide that would assist me. All dreams to me, and life for "that matter" has one purpose to bring depth and wholeness. To make us aware of the canvas we are all painted on and are.

    A river will always run to the deepest part of the earth, as we do also. I think dreams are the tools to point us there to THAT.

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    what does it mean if your dreams are just nightmares, i dream alot and they are always nightmares, especially now i have stopped drinking and that i have alot of dreams that im high, i also have alot of dreams about loosing all my teeth lol alot of bad dreams, i think the wierdest one was when my dad was hitler and i found out he murdered all these ppl, another dream was when the aliens had landed but they were like jedis with mirrors for faces and everyone had to lie down and face the ground like you were being arrested, mental wierd dreams lol but i can never remember having a good dream!

    reoccuring dreams are interesting i can never remember mine but whenever i dream it - it feels familiar

    dreaming that you woke up from a dream and then you really wake up now thats wierd freaked me right out
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    Fire, the mind and the ego certainly do use fear to control us. Like I said above, I think dreams can be part of that. The part about addiction that is so hard is the fact that this unconscious mechanism wants to keep you stuck in it's pattern. The physical withdraw symptoms are part of that, but so are the psychological ones.

    When I first really learned to meditate, all kinds of memories and thoughts would come up and these did not serve a purpose of helping me or giving me some great lesson, these just simply were there to distract me from learning to take control of my awareness. I even had very vivid dreams that did nothing but serve the same purpose. In meditation, dealing with the mind and it's distractive thoughts are what the work is all about. There are thoughts, and then there is the one who is aware of the thoughts. Seeing the difference between the two is key.

    I hope you are doing good and hanging in there. good luck!
  • Reply #6 01/20/10  2:30pm
    Fire: Some medications can cause you to have bizzare dreams. I had them when I took chantix to quit smoking. Some really wierd stuff, LOL.

    Scmanek: Do you think that in regards to meditation and these purposeless thoughts may be just a cleansing process. Meaning you mind is actively going through them as we would cleaning out a filing cabinet? Just curious. I need to work on my meditation. Also, once you are truly in a meditative state, do you find or feel any more enlightened? To me the purpose of meditation is to clear your mind for stress reduction and to find clarity on issues you can not otherwise rationalize due to the excess of purposeless collective data being processed by the brain at any given moment. What is your take on this?
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    Good point about the medications. Also the lack of medications and drugs as it when you stop taking something.

    I don't think it was a cleansing process. It wasn't the kind of thoughts I needed to get rid of or let go. Most of it was more along the lines of nostalgia. You know when something reminds you of something that happened long ago and you are made to stop and think about it? Not information you find really useful, just ,maybe more along the lines of entertainment. Not a revelation or resolution to be had. And not something that made me feel real negative or positive. Just something enough to be distracting. At the time they became less and less when i would just see the thought and then just say okay, and then not get distracted. It really help me when I did this to get more concentrated. I really felt like my mind was just digging up old memories that were the kind that would just distract me. I have no other way I can describe it.

    Now when i meditate, it seems, it is a good state to be in to work things out in your mind. So my mind tries to take full advantage of that and I end up getting caught in working out my problems. But that is not what I want to be doing while meditating. Oh, certainly I do meditate for that purpose but, that is not the reason I meditate. I always have to work at keeping my mind from taking advantage of it's opportunity.

    I don't know about feeling more enlightened. I am not sure exactly what that means. The purpose of my meditation is to see what is. And if my mind is active, sometimes that is what is. But mind activity is not all that is going on and I have to work to focus on other things. It is work and it is a fine line between just observing and not participating in what you observe and participating in what you observe. How do you do something that you are suppose to just let happen?

  • Reply #8 01/23/10  9:58pm
    Kudos! Very good explaination!
  • Reply #9 04/19/10  5:26pm
    I think dreams are spiritual tools that allows us to unlock and open doors into our own pyshe and the pysche of others. Perhaps you dreamed of your murder because your unfaithful( slime ball...sorry this is touchy subject) wished you would disapear like that and you picked up on his thought process via your dreamers tool.
  • Reply #10 05/19/10  10:33pm
    Nanny: That is SO very likely! Excellant take on the discussion! Thanks for sharing and giving me something new to ponder :)


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