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Posted by petitep - 10/10/08, 11:45 am

 A special THANK YOU to ALL of the NEUROPATHY MEMBERS! EVERYBODY being so caring, helpful and encouraging to members by providing a warm welcomes to all, Thank you!


I'm not sure the group would have continued at all without having the help and support of every member here, helping and participating. We all appreciate everybody helping each other and keeping the group alive... You all are awesome!



Past Members of the Month


TennesseeKidd - for all of your warm welcomes and greetings to others.



 We are in FIFTH place and 533 members!

 It's because of YOU, that we have been able to LAUNCH THE GROUP!


Can you BELIEVE that we are at almost 500 members!

The 7th most popular active member groups on DS!


What an amazing accomplishment!


We are getting ready to form a new neuropathyteam - administrator member team...

If interested - please message neuropathyteam@yahoo.com also if you have suggestions

If you have already messaged us your contact information - we will be contacting you soon. 



  1. ohwhataday

    Ahh thank you!!! Many thanks to the team that made the group who we are and to OUR founder... PetiteP.... ***********HUGS**********


  2. sailboatfun

    Thank you very much! My hubby & I will deffinatly be watching this site a lot!I have MS & he has Neuropothy.



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