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Posted by petitep - 06/15/08, 08:57 pm


Help pass the word and letting others know we are here... Unless it's by word of mouth and posting to other groups, these member groups are very difficult to find. Click on "Invite a friend" OR go to your other groups and post an invitation with our link.


 We are 4 members away from being in the TOP 10 most members - member groups! Thank you for the team effort and being such a great group!


June = We have grown the group by 100 members a month so far, and are almost 90 days old!


Track our progress by going to the DS Home Page, click on the "Support Groups" link, then "Member Groups", then "Most Members"... 18 members from the top 8! We made it to , the top 10 in less than 90 days, on June 17, 2008. We are currently in the top 9 as of June 17th, 2008


September - We slipped back to the top 15 in past weeks and are now back to being 4 away from the top 10 again 


  1. enya4me

    HI My ame is Kim and I just siged up!


  2. Janelle54

    Hi I'm Janelle. Looking forward to meeting you all.


  3. susanace

    Hi, My name is Susan. I am looking forwarding to finding new friends. I also want to find out more about neuropathy. There seems to be a total lack of information out there.


  4. Fionapip

    What does Neuropathy and being a "top site" have in common, apart from ego?


  5. CarolDeeCrone

    I am just joining. I have finally hit the wall after eleven years of neuropathy in my feet. It is now in my hands, and wickedly so. I am an artist, an author, and a blogger. I retired early to be able to sit by the ocean and do my art and write and publish. I meant to do more of it. I have been in a pity puddle all day, and that is not like me. I am a survivor of many things. I have handled chronic pain well, until it has hit my hands the end of October, full force. I am looking for those who can read between the lines without me having to blather about this unseen pain. I have two wings, one has always been for holding up others. I am here for myself. I feel truly plucked.



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