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Posted on 12/11/09, 04:47 pm
I was wondering if anyone has tried Savella for Neuropathic Pain. I have tried Gabapentin, which didn't help at all and I had terrible withdrawal from. I am thinking of trying wither pamelor or savella next and I am not sure what would be best. I also tried Cymbalta and had a bad reaction to it and find that I am very sensitive to medications. I had bad reactions also to Percocet and Ultracet. does anyone has any experience with either pamelor or Savella ?

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  • Reply #1 12/11/09  9:55pm
    Hi April. I have never heard of pamelor or Savella. Please tell me what these medications are. I have an appointment with the neuro clinic at UC Davis in Sacramento at the end of December. Lucky I got in this year. Thank you for any information you can provide. I am currently taking Gabapentin (which is not currently helping) and Norco. I had bad side effects from Cymbalta. Seems there really is nothing for nerve pain. I was going to start a clinical trial in Sacramento, but I broke/fractured my ankle in late October. Also, I do not even think I could have done the trial. You had a 50/50 chance of getting the medication versus a placebo. It was up to a computer to decide. I wish they would take this seriously. My foot has been healing so slowly. And the pain is horrible this week! Should be getting better. Thanks for any information you may have.
  • Reply #2 12/12/09  11:00am
    Savella is in the same classification as cymbalta(SNRI).

    For more info:

    Are you taking calcium for that broken foot?

    Just a thought.

  • Reply #3 12/13/09  8:18pm
    Hi Pat. Thank you for the response. I am taking D3 1000 mg for the foot. Also, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. Will be eight weeks this week and the foot is in way too much pain. Something is so not right here. Cannot relieve the pain. See foot doc this week and neuro on 28th. Will seek second opinion on foot if necessary.
  • Reply #4 12/13/09  9:02pm
    I broke my foot quite a few years back and it hurt for a very long time. I had a pin put in it and that didnt even seem to help. The pain just went away on its own. Still have bad days every once in a long while, but its much better now. It doesnt interfere with life anymore.

  • Reply #5 12/13/09  9:28pm
    Have you tried Lyrica for neuropathy pain? I was on Gabepentin and found it didn't help, Lyrica made all the difference in the world... but then for others they can't handle the side effects, where I don't have any but had horrible side effects with gabepentin.
  • Reply #6 12/14/09  1:33am
    Hi. Thanks for the info. Pat, why did you need to put a pin in your broken foot? I currently take Gabepentin, and it does not seem to work for me (up to 600 mg 3 x a day). I was wondering if Lyrica is still brand name or do they have a generic for it now? I only got a chance to try it very briefly this year (two weeks free). Next year would give me a new opportunity to try it.
  • Reply #7 12/14/09  5:41am
    The pin was to fuse the ankle bones. I dont understand the concept, but I dont believe it helped. I tried neurontin and it didnt seem to help me either. I have never tried lyrica. I just gave up on medicines and physicians all together. My nerves and my brain are so messed up from antidepressants and other meds. I have tinnitus, RLS, and neuropathy pain when I lie down to sleep, plus I am allergic to wheat so I have to watch what I eat. Have you looked into physical therapy for your foot?

  • Reply #8 12/15/09  10:33am
    Hi Colleen,

    So sorry that you are in pain. It is awful having nerve pain and there aren't alot of medications that help. Savella is a new medication marketed for Fibromyalgia nerve pain and it is similar to Cymbalta. Pamelor or Nortriptyline is a Tricyclic antidepressant used for nerve pain and many people seem to have good results from it. You usually only have to be on a low dose for nerve pain. I myself am at a loss at what to try next, but I know that I don't want anything like Gabapentin as I had awful withdrawal from that drug and it did absolutely nothing for the pain. Please let me know what you try next and how it works for you.

  • Reply #9 12/15/09  2:18pm
    Thanks everyone. Quite frankly, I am at a loss right now completely. I thought I had problems prior to breaking my foot. Now, I am such a mess after almost seven weeks out. I do not even know what to do with myself anymore. I am writing this message in tears.
    The pain from all of this has now affected the herniation in my neck (must have been from crutches) and created overuse of my entire left body and left foot. The pain is excruciating. Yesterday, after seven 5/325 percoset, I was still in pain. The pharmacist at CVS filled my script with some garbage (Ricocet). Probably has more compounded generic than medicine. My right foot pounds with or without the boot/cast. Seems to be more stabilized with it. The bone chip has be on the side of my foot. Want to review both x-rays side-by-side tomorrow with this doctor. The last x-ray was taken at a different view. I could not see the chip. The appointment was rushed because the woman from the agency (to take me because I cannot drive) arrived over a half-hour late. Talk about stress. Rushed drive. Rushed x-ray. Rushed appointment (lucky I was seen). Story of my life. And, the doctor really pushed on my foot until I almost screamed. Now you think he would have just asked me to try to walk (in front of him), instead of telling me to now walk in a shoe. Unbelievable.
    This foot doctor is a big disappointment. In fact, his staff did not even want to provide me with a new pain script as they told me that usually his patients do not even take it. I really dislike being judged by individuals who think they know your injury/pain. This doctor just probably thinks I love taking this medicine. I cannot stand it. I want to seek a second opinion on this. I know I do not want any further surgery. I just do not see the point. Anything is going to still hurt. Just depends how much I can take.
    I went back to this doctor because he is the one who performed surgery on my right foot last year for a bone spur (top). Now the pain is focused on the bottom (heal). My experience with him for the surgery was okay. He left me with a nice scar. It took a long time to heal. I eventually stopped seeing him. My foot was just feeling like it belonged to me again when I broke it. Talk about luck.
    Pat, how long did it take for you see some relief from your pain? I feel like I am experiencing as much pain as when I broke it. I stayed off of it completely for four plus weeks. Perhaps not long enough? The pin was to fuse the ankle? How bad was your break? How did it happen? I am so glad for you that the pain has finally given you relief. Did you receive an MRI of your foot?
    April, please tell me about your experience with Gabapentin. What withdrawal symptoms did you feel? Currently, I feel as if the Gabapentin sometimes makes my nerves act up. My body is so messed up right now I just don't know.
    Petitep, what is the difference between Lyrica and Gabapentin (Neurontin)? My pharmacist told me that they basically work the same but have different formulas. Please tell me what you experienced with the Gabapentin and how Lyrica has made such a difference for you.
    Thanks again for everyone's input/support. I just hope I feel somewhat like a human being soon. I know depression has set in. I cannot take psych drugs. Really bad experience with them before (and I tried all of them almost). I learned last year that Cymbalta is the only drug which help those whose brain does not manufacture what is needed to combat pain. However, after trying Cymbalta (even a low dose), I became so sick. Time did not make a difference. I have heard horror stories about people who have tried to get off of this drug. I know everyone's system is different. Mine is very sensitive. Also, for me, the side effects from Cymbalta are significant (already have a history of ulcers; not diabetic, but I could not possibly handle this right now as well.
    A supportive friend on the shingles site told me that it is so important that I get some relief from this pain. I cannot get there. Right now at 11:16 am, I have taken three of these pills. I need to ask this doctor to prescribe percoset (10/325) and ask my pharmacist for the real pill (will call today). This way I can at least break the pills in half.
    Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I am trying to keep my spirits up, but this is just killing me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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