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My hand feels funny

Posted on 03/07/09, 07:15 am
My hand has being feeling very funny. It feels numb and I keep on getting a cold feeling running from my hand up my arm. I have got neuropathy in my feet and legs.

As everyone had this happen to them.
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  • Reply #1 03/22/09  1:14am
    Dezna, That is how my Neuropathy started. Mine actually started in my right hand and I also had the cold feeling running up my hand and arm. I still get that feeling. But the numbness, pens & needles feeling and the heavyness is so much worse. It just continues to get worse. I can bearly walk as my legs feel like they weigh a ton each. I can't feel my feet very well and I have to watch my feet when I walk so that I can actually tell where my feet are. It is kind of hard to explain to someone that your body feels so numb, yet you can still feel so much pain. Sorry, but you really have to experience it to truly understand it.
  • Reply #2 09/29/09  12:20am
    I just joined this group today and don't know if either of you is still a member of this group but, in the event that you are, you may each wish to get checked for Parkinson's Disease. I don't wish to scare you with this and I'm not sayin that you have PD, it's just that the way each of you describes your respective symptoms is how things started with my mother. It took two years until she was diagnosed with PD. I wish you both well!
  • Reply #3 03/08/10  2:36pm
    I have woken up with my arms and hands being numb once in awhile but never during the day. I walk different than I used to before PN but my legs don't feel heavy. I agree that there is more to your symptoms than PN. Have it checked out.
  • Reply #4 03/10/10  1:56pm
    There's actually different forms of neuropathy, and neuropathy can be quite different from person to person. I think speculative thoughts about parkinson disease are far from supportive, as a nerve conduction study/test as well as an MRI will probably tell you what type of neuropathy you have. People generally, to include a lot of Dr.s know very little about neuropathy, other than the assciation with diabetes. That's why very soon there's going to be multiple clinical studies on peripheral neuropathy, to better understand it and the polyneuropathic symptoms. For instance, mine started just as orig. post's did, three months before I had to start taking hiv meds, with the virus actually attacking the mylan sheeth of my nerves, causing electrical short-circuits of sorts, like as if you had a bunch of wires in your car without insulation on some of them, then the electrical current will jump from one to another where they are not insulated, causing numbness and pain and other sensations in the Human body. Gabapentin only made my feet swell up 3 shoe sixes as well as calves and hands with no relief; switched to a VERY similar chemically structured med, Lyrica/pregabalin, and although it does not help 100%, my pain level went from a good steady 8.5 to a manageable 5.5 or 6. FYI-a suppliment called Bromolain is only found on Earth in the center core of pineapples (the part people/industry tosses out), and this natural chemical with unique enzymes, actually help much better than Lyrica. If you do not have a juicer to make it yourself, you can get it reasonably priced at swansonsvitamins.com....just in case nobody's heard of it, look it up and try it out.
  • Reply #5 03/26/10  4:13am
    wow who knew.lolol..ill be trying it as my pin jabs are just out of control..im having EMG tests next week to see where it is coming from??????...i have FM and sjogs synd..so it could be from either of these?...who knows..i give up?.....we"ll see...i just hate it..and how my skin feels and all the wierd sensations?!....sigh..
  • Reply #6 04/07/10  8:28am
    wow, everybody has a different story. I take Lyrica now for 5 years or more - hate the stuff but it takes the top off the pain, that in combination with Fentanyl stickers (morfine) 100 per 3 days. + 50gr. per night Oxazepam sleeping pills + 4 mg. Lormezepam (has to do with sleeping too) - the pain is so intense i can't lie down. Had a mri scan done last year - the doctor just scratched his head and wished me well and couldn't believe the amount of drugs. tried Cyabltan stuff (spelling!) -sorry - that made me so sick i ended up refusing to take it after 2 weeks of throwing up and pain. The worst bit is that the doctors can't help and get rather strange and don't like the fact that they can't help me. I am so annoyed with specialists who sit there in their white coat and look down at me. I can't help that i have this.
    about pain - i have the feeling that i have a sort of cramp under my feet and i wake up because of the pain - sometimes in my heel and the pain moves it goes up the leg and sometimes stays for weeks in my right hip - then it moves again. so weird. and, worst of all i have no feeling in my legs or feet - 2 times now, i thought i took off my socks but actually took off a piece of my leg - the skin - quite a large piece and also quite deep - in the end needed antibiotics and it took 3 months to fully heal.
    don't like to complain though - good for me to read that i am not the only one out there suffering. Parkinson is completely different - the feelings are different and from blood tests it can be proven. I definitely don't have parkinson. here they call it, cervicale stenosis - cervicale is neck - mine is from C3 through C7 completely falling apart and i have a lump on the back of my neck which makes it more complicated. I have often heard it called ''old ladies disease'' which being now 56 seems a bit too early.
    thanks for reading my dribble.
  • Reply #7 04/08/10  7:04am
    Hello everyone, I have PN in my hands and feet caused by Diabetes. Tryingt to heal up a problem with my foot and have to stay in a wheelchair till it heals. No I'm starting to develope a problem on my butt from being seated so much. Anybody got any ideas.? Thanks.
  • Reply #8 05/18/10  7:09pm
    I am 75 years old and also have PADS . My right hand gets numb and really put the kabosh on my crocheting a shawl I was /am/.making. I have to get up do the chicken dance and in awhile it subsides.
    my legs are mostly involved an it can be really painful.
    Since I have taken Cymbalta the burning and prickly zings in my feet have stopped.
    Don't give up try to learn as much as you can about the disease and take a list of questions to your Dr.
    Godd bless you all. Lillian 74


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