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ice cold toes

Posted on 12/07/08, 11:11 pm
Does anyone ever feel like there toes have been dipped in ice water? It starts in my lower back, pelvic area, thighs then all the sudden my toes will feel like they have been dipped in cold cold water and then get all tingly and hurt like I pinched the nerve in my foot oh god it gets so bad that I cannot walk. Im really scared because I do not want to get my nerves cut and my dr and hubby have both suggested this because I want off the meds and I just had a nerve block and it has helped some but the feet thing started after I had really bad hives that my dr said was caused by the nerve block and the funny thing is that even though my feet are freezing my neice just tried to come lay by me and said i was hot, so my sister in law feels me and goes meg your running a temp. this has gone on for a while im not sick i dont know what is going on anymore. freaky but i just wondered if anyone elses toes get freezing cold this time of year.
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  • Reply #11 12/23/08  4:37am
    I forgot to mention that before the cold in my feet and body came back;
    FOR years I walked outside in the cold during the winter. This always felt good and I couldn't feel the cold like others, nor the heat.
  • Reply #12 12/23/08  11:01am
  • Reply #13 01/28/09  5:57am
    Yes, i was told I have Raynauds.
  • Reply #14 01/28/09  11:58am
    YES!This happens to me all the time. My toes get ice cold and then it's like my bones ache or something.It sends shooting pain up into my calves,then to my thighs. The neuronitin seemed to take away at least one level of the pain(if I was at a 10 it would make me at a 9 after I took it).
  • Reply #15 01/28/09  11:01pm
    when the circulation is not good the feet will be cold, although I cannot really feel my foot it becomes very cold and sensitive to touch...applying alternate heat can damage or burn if you really cannot feel the temperature you actually can do more damage
  • Reply #16 02/01/09  5:33pm
    I often have to take a very hot shower to finally get warm. Then I put on the extra comfy warm clothes and snuggle under a heating blanking.

    My toes often will get so cold that they get a burning sensation like someone is touching them with a hot iron. Yet they are freezing cold when my husband touches them. It is a feeling of getting frost bite. Mine also often starts in my back and travels down to my thighs, lower legs and then feet. My lower legs often feel so cold that my bones feel brittle and could break without difficulty.

    I was told just this last week by a couple of medical providers including a pain management specialist that there is nothing more they can do for me. I was told I have chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I was told that my neuropathy is permenant nerve damage caused more than likely from my severe pernicious anemia secondary to my B12 deficiency and is irreversible. I received a 2 hour pep talk from the specialist telling me that it is my choice to either let these chronic condition manage and control my life; or, I can learn to live life abundantly with the pain it by overcoming the disabilities.

    Often my husband will stoke up our fireplace to 80-82 degrees in here just to help me feel better. Anything less than 75 degrees freezes me. It makes heating the winter time very spending. My electric blanke has become a real life saver. When I am at work, I just suffer that is probably why I can only work 5-6 hours per day.
  • Reply #17 02/02/09  2:51am
    Im that way to jaebug I love my electric blanket that I got for christmas to help me with my feet. It goes every where with me in the house. I really can only work 4 hours a day and some days i cannot work at all.


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