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Neuropathy and flying

Posted on 11/08/08, 12:28 am
Flying with Neuropathy was so horrible. I flew from South Africa to Australia. I kept on having to take painkillers and I could not walk around the plane because the pain was so horrible. The other problem was that there were seats in front of me and I have got long legs which did not help at all. It took 13 hours to get to Perth Australia, when I got off the plane I could hardly walk. Then we stayed with my brother and his family for 2 weeks before going to Sydney and Melbourne and that was horrible as well, flying again. There are seat that have room for one legs, but everytime we asked for those seats the people behide the desk would say that they can't give those to people with health problems. I think that is very unfair. I hope in a few weeks time that my trip back to South Africa is going to be better, I just going to make sure that I have lots of painkillers and mybe something to make me sleep.

My advice to everyone who has Neuropathy, when you have to fly make sure that you have got lots of painkillers or ask your doctor to give you a injection.

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  • Reply #1 11/08/08  11:22pm
    I have the same issues when I fly - I need extra pain meds and know I'm going to be in major flare ups during and after flights.
  • Reply #2 11/08/08  11:24pm
    The last time I flew I used a chair in the airports. It was wonderful. I don't think I would have made it walking.
  • Reply #3 11/09/08  5:42am
    I try not to fly, with all my medication, they would probably arrest me in the airport! ;o) I have been able to get a seat by the emergency exit, last time I flew.
    Well just think how nice it will be to be home! That will give you some focus.
    Take care,
  • Reply #4 11/09/08  7:18am
    Thanks everyone. Flying is horrible
  • Reply #5 11/16/08  7:23pm
    Flying is horrible whether you have a medical problem or not. I was on a one hour flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and it felt like hours and hours.I also had problems on the train lately. I had to go up to the viewing deck so I could stretch out and walk around every few minutes. I can't even stand being in the car for very long.
  • Reply #6 11/17/08  7:28am
    Yes I agree flying is horrible whether you have a medical problem or not. But then I have alway had a medical problem. So it has alway been very hard for me I can't even get out of my chair because the pain is so bad. I also can't stand being in a car as well I get car sick.
  • Reply #7 11/26/08  7:52pm
    i have bilateral teeth pain which started immediately after a long flight home (6+hours) in august and hasn't stopped. i had a cleaning 2 weeks beforehand....any connections?
  • Reply #8 11/26/08  11:39pm
    kristin76, that must have been very painful what happen to you. I don't have anything like that, but I do also experiece is very bad earache it is so painful.
  • Reply #9 11/27/08  3:22am
    I just flew from el paso to kansas city on monday and i think the worst part of flying with neuropathy besides not being able to get out of the seats at the end of the flight is when you ask for a wheelchair or help getting on and off and they look at you like nothing is wrong with you. And are very rude to you about it
  • Reply #10 11/27/08  3:48am
    Hi meganK08, What a horrible experience you had with wheelchair assitance, It is not nice when people look at you like there is nothing wrong with you,and then are so rude I really hate that.


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