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Toes curling up or down anyone?

Posted on 06/30/08, 11:10 pm
I just wanted to know if anyone else has this and does this have a name. Thanks
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  • Reply #11 10/14/08  1:00pm
    I have severe spasms in my toes and feet, It happens all the time. They curl under and toes pointing different ways. It happens anytime, I can be walking, standing, sitting, or laying. I've had to stop and take my shoe off in public to straight it out. Before my doctors told me not to drive I use to have to pull over on the side of the road because the spasms were so bad.
    The doctors say that it happens because of the nerve damage in my spine. The disc degenerated and crumpled and pieces where floating around in my spine putting pressure on different nerves. I've had back surgery but the nerve damage is done so I still suffer the symptoms.
  • Reply #12 10/15/08  2:00am
    Yes, I have the problem of my toes curling up in painful spasms and I have to continue to pull up on them until the pain and curling stops. Sometimes it will take several tries. Also, wearing the wrong shoes can add to the problem. I have this pair of heals I like to wear and I always know I'll have problems when I take them off. Plus, the pads on my toes next to my little toes are rounded on the bottom and go numb quite often.


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