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Vitamin B12 Levels and Lyrica vs. Gabapentin

Posted on 02/12/11, 11:49 am
Hi Everyone,

I had my vitamin B12 level checked and it is 299. The 'normal' range is 200 - 1100. The doc gave me a B12 shot. Is there anyone with experience with B12 deficiency as a cause of PN? Could 299 actually represent a level low enough to contribute? If you have received B12 shots or therapy, did it help?

My primary care doc also gave me a trial bottle of Lyrica. Right now my neurologist has me on 300mg/day of gabapentin. What experiences have you all had with Lyrica versus gabapentin?


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  • Reply #1 02/12/11  12:09pm
    Jack, can't help with the Lyrica vs gabapentin thing...I think I'm heading there next when I see neuro...

    I have had to take B12 daily since I had my gastric bypass in '01. I was taking 1000 mcg daily orally. My B12 has always been super high since then...However recently (past month) I decided to stop taking it and just do a B50 complex, which has only 50 mcg B12. I had a doctor tell me that my B12 level was TOO high...I didn't think that was possible, so I just am taking the B complex and will ask for a recheck in a month or 2 when I see PCP. I know my PN is not related to my B12 level, we haven't figured out what it is caused from but I think it's the RA/Sjogren's causing the PN.

    See how you feel on the B12, it certainly won't harm you.
  • Reply #2 02/12/11  1:46pm
    Thanks Marie.
  • Reply #3 02/12/11  3:52pm
    My daughter takes B12 shots and it makes a BIG difference for her. She takes 1cc every other week. If she gets off track she really feels it. I wanted her to take them weekly but dr tested her (on day she got shot) and her level was high. That can be dangerous, too. The nurse at the school I work at told me to give her a B100 supplement. She hasn't started taking that yet. She takes 500mg of Gaba 3 times a day. I know of someone else who takes Gaba and Lyrica and said it really helped her pain. It seems to be trial and error with all of this. Good luck!
  • Reply #4 02/12/11  5:05pm
    Thanks Brenmitch. That's very helpful. Was your daughter initially diagnosed as having a B12 deficiency?
  • Reply #5 02/12/11  6:31pm
    They really don't know what my daughter has. The official diagnosis so far is chronic pain disorder. We've been to NUMEROUS drs! A chiropractor, who I took her to for accupuncture, ran a lot of tests for vitamin/mineral deficiency. That is when the B12 def. was found. She tested only slightly low, but the shots really do help. She's only 15, been dealing with on-going pain for about a year and a half. It keeps progressing... I am currently researching Lymes disease. Everything else has been ruled out.
  • Reply #6 02/15/11  8:55am
    Brenmitch, I was taking 1000 mcg of B12 daily, but my level was greater than 2000, (who knows how really high it was, 2001 or 10,000?) So I stopped that dose, and started what I thought was B100...brought it home, started taking it -- a week or 2 later noted bottle said B50 -oops!! I'm still taking that, and when bottle finished, will ask for repeat B12 level also.

    I have also read that sublingual B12 is much better absorbed that a tablet (sublingual is a liquid that goes under the tongue). not sure if it's a prescription though or OTC. You might want to check on that too. But B complex is a good idea as neuropathy can be deficiency is other B vits besides B12
  • Reply #7 02/17/11  6:54pm
    Marie I take Mentax for B-12, have you heard of that it is a script!
  • Reply #8 02/18/11  2:14pm
    brenmitch - Check to see if your daughter has an food allergy to Gluten. If you have not researched this at all, I would look into it. I was told that I had alcoholic neuropathy for years. I stopped drinking and was still in pain. They couldn't figure out what was wrong. After three different neurologists, two family doctors, and a chiropractor nutritionist couldn't help me, I did my own research. Turns out that Gluten/wheat is the #1 allergin in the United States, and is the #1 misdiagnosed illness. I have since adopted a strict gluten free diet, and I cannot tell you how much better I feel. I have tried all the supplements (Acetyl-L-Carninte, Alpha Lipoic Acid, B-Complex, Benfotiamine, Methylcobolamin, Yoga, breathing exercises, The Rebuilder, even Artalgia and nothing worked). This diet is the only thing that has helped me. I saw a 75% improvement in 2 weeks. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at all about this topic. gabek77@msn.com
  • Reply #9 02/18/11  5:13pm
    I will definately do this. Especially since my oldest daughter DOES have a gluten allergy! Her symptoms are more gastro/intestinal. And if she cheats, she pays. She is such a good eater while my youngest is NOT. She is terrified of going gluten free. But I told her if she's allergic she will have to.
  • Reply #10 03/30/11  7:10pm


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