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  • In memory of ANIMALHEADBUTTS... She passed away on 9-18-11

    Posted by petitep - 10/20/11, 10:41 pm

  • Updates...THANK YOU t

    Posted by petitep - 10/10/08, 11:45 am

     A special THANK YOU to ALL of the NEUROPATHY MEMBERS! EVERYBODY being so caring, helpful and encouraging to members by providing a warm welcomes to all, Thank you!   I'm not sure the group would have continued at all without having the help and support of every member here, helping...

  • Help Pass the Word!

    Posted by petitep - 06/15/08, 08:57 pm

     Help pass the word and letting others know we are here... Unless it's by word of mouth and posting to other groups, these member groups are very difficult to find. Click on "Invite a friend" OR go to your other groups and post an invitation with our link.  We are 4...

  • Hug

    Kritanta (08/07/13)

  • Hug

    eaytch (07/20/13)

    hugs group ooooooooo

  • I'm With You

    eaytch (06/20/13)

    I am with you now and am so very greatful. Thank you for bravely sharing. It helps to have the comfort of understanding with you here and it helps to give it too.

  • Hug

    treethinker (12/26/12)

    thanks to all of you that gives me a chance to voice my pain and hear yours.If I can ever help let me know.I find out if my surgery for my neuropathy worked tomorrow . they will take out the 38 staples and turn on the spinal chord stimulator. PLEASE SEND POSITIVE ENERGY , ...

  • Hug

    JOYHOLY (08/01/12)

    LOVE TO ALL, LUCY*****

  • Hug

    Lizibet (05/26/11)

  • Hug

    peteotoole (05/10/11)

    love to send a hug to all

  • Hug

    Lizibet (05/10/11)