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  • I'm With You

    PJamela (10/09/15)

    As cooler weather starts to creep in, I get a little down. I really hate the cold weather. I get more tired and grumpy (if that's possible). So, I just wanted to say that I'm glad for this support group and appreciate your participation in the group!

  • Prayer

    PJamela (01/12/12)

    Hello family and friends! I have had a difficult couple of years and would really appreciate your prayers. My NCS is under control (YEAH!), but the fibromyalgia and irritable bowel are (at times) almost unbearable. As we all know, we hate complaining to our family and so I am so thankful for the ...

  • Hug

    PJamela (02/17/11)

    Just a note of encouragement! Big hugs!

  • I'm With You

    LaurieAnnne (09/11/10)

    It was nice to read about the different posts...I'm with the person who has passed out at work. I've done it about 3 or 4 times and it's so annoying to have an ambulance called and you get to the hospital and there's nothing anybody can do. I find that time and resting awhile ...

  • I'm With You

    PJamela (08/26/10)

    Keep posting and we can lean on one another for support!

  • Flowers

    Kitcat72 (03/17/09)

    The weather's starting to get warmer, so I'm sure some of us are going to start to have more spells soon. Everyone take care of themselves, and if you have a bad day, come here and get support.

  • Hug

    PJamela (03/13/09)

    As spring approaches, we look forward to warmer weather, however for those of us who are affected by climate changes, remember that we may need to take things slow and drink plenty of liquids and if you need extra salt intake, do so. I encourage you to pass the hug onto a friend of family memb ...