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How to Kill a sore throat in 3 minutes

Posted on 05/18/09, 10:06 am
This article was passed on to me by an author from California. This is his website link to the article:

There is no doubt the following works..


1. Eat raw ginger. It is a powerful natural antibiotic. Afterall, they do serve it with raw two day old fish. Daoists use ginger to detox mercury and sulfur alchemically converting it a longevity elixir.

2. Gargle with hot kosher seasalt water (Yes, there's a reason. No, I'm not Jewish). It's a disinfectant, and it will deflate your sore irritated tonsils. Remember pouring salt on a snail? It shrivels up and dies!

"Thank You! My Throat is soooo much better!"

Once your swelling goes down, your nerve endings in there will not be sensitive. Think of other parts of your body that naturally swell up making your nerve endings verrrrry sensitive. Now, stop it.

3. Gargle with baking soda. It makes your pH balance inhospitable to bacteria and viruses. They like acid environments.

4. Stop all acid foods like coffee, sweets, meat, and MILK or Dairy. Dairy, meaning ICECREAM creates lactic A-C-I-D... bacteria love festering in acid... etc.


And NO DAIRY! It makes lactic acid from the lactose and germs fester making your tonsils swell more! Even full grown adults don't know this!


5. Eat only alkaline foods (anything over a 7.0 pH) like raw bitter greens.

Personally, what I do is take handfuls of the herbs: Immortal's Black Garlic and Millenium CF both from JBNI. I haven't been sick in 2 years. But when I do run out, I do 1-5.

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  • Reply #1 05/20/09  4:41am
    Hmmm wonder if crystalized ginger in dark chocolate counts???

    Thanks for the interesting post.
  • Reply #2 05/20/09  4:10pm
    I always feel better when I eat bitter greens. Good post.
  • Reply #3 05/21/09  4:21pm
    Thank you for that. I get lots of sore throats and I want to have everything on hand to get rid of them.
  • Reply #4 05/22/09  7:05pm
    i didn't have any ginger in the house..how sad. my mom used to boil peeled ginger strips and drink it...it has been an old cure for laryngitis..
  • Reply #5 05/24/09  2:07pm
    I keep pickled ginger in my fridge for upset stomachs. I did'nt know it was good for throats too. I knew of the salt thing. thanks for sharing this.
  • Reply #6 05/26/09  2:31am
    Hi, How is everyone?

    I love ginger! I juice it and make my own ginger syrup by adding 2 parts organic sucanat to 1 part ginger juice, bring it to a boil and bottle it. It makes the best drink with water and lemon.

    For emergencies, in the middle of the night, I keep Fisherman's Friend Throat Lozenges, Extra Strength, in my night stand. They have cayenne, menthol, eucalyptus, and licorice. No high fructose corn syrup. The cayenne kills germs. I don't use the light green sugarfree ones, they have artificial sweetener.

    One lozenge is so strong that you can cut them in half or even in quarters. They have been a life saver for that stubborn throat dryness and soreness that comes with allergies, winter dry air, etc. Just suck on one for a minute and you're good! LOL

    I spent years getting sore throats all the time, until I changed to an alkaline diet. I also found out I have Hep C, which I'm sure contributed to my problems. I hardly ever get sick now, I take supplements, spirulina, chlorella, fresh carrot juice with other veggies and fruits added, and eats lots of green salads.

    Sometimes I'll just take a pinch of "Real Salt" and suck on it. Real Salt is great for healing!

    Great topic!
  • Reply #7 06/02/09  11:20am
    Thanks for adding some recipe for ginger. I saw on tv, Andrea Beaman on Wise up said Ginger dries up your mucuus..so it will kind of make you thirsty.
  • Reply #8 09/24/11  7:18pm
    Can anyone answer me this question? What about VITAMIN C? I took 4 packs of lemonade koolaid 10 percent vitamin c per serving and filled the rest with lemon juice NO WATER a whole pitcher! I gargled. This might have been a bad idea. Or not. Hm....
  • Reply #9 02/10/12  11:17pm
    Kool aid may not be ur best source of vit c. They recommend ph neutral form of vitamin c such as twin lab brand. Ive taken doses of 2000 mg on case by case doses.


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