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We all have egos bringing out the music sexual society .One Man one wife one Love music addictions. Full of anxiety we are not alone Love possessions upbeat tune wired with aggression. Another planet Wood stock Heavy rain coming down the tents loud bands playing so many events. “Wild me in the fire SKY” Body song dancing sexual interaction world of violence bloodshed more peace of marriage wed. Faces of joy smiling whites or your teeth might of yellowed .Well world we need to do something about it. Let’s face-it why so grumpy Kid in all of us Humpty Dumpty. Eventually you will find your surrounding’s don’t hunt to hard. Stay happy let someone be your guard . We are all fighters whatever we have only makes us stronger.We hold too much bitterness pain of the bounty. All sweetened up the bitterness. Emails so much to address world of truth or your teeth gun-it capped what chip on his shoulder world turned false. Sweeten up the bitterness try a little tenderness. Heading into devastation when you need your family the most .Why did they leave life is unfair left with anger. Don’t think for a moment they don’t feel us. What’s in their heart they are bonded in us never apart... Katrina  and deadly hurricanes Families to remember holidays Hanukkah and Christmas smiles of gifts Your husband gives you the greatest gift warm inviting kiss what a face lift walking like you don’t have a worry in the world perfect September. Growing up in


Canarsie friends and lovers to remember things were so much better than. Why is this country going down 24 million people out of work? All the kings Man what happen to the president's campaigns monkey sex world of maniacs Twin Towers stands tall forever in my prayers Torah of God; Politicians Sneaking around with mistresses this is our new pledge of America  could be anyone’s neighbor next door. News blows everything out of proportion like you been smacked finding out your child needs an abortion. Like a hurricane New Orleans 30 people left on a island too bad everything of value but the good thing is your secrets got lost. No time to think of a trip Grecian Island man look what it cost .Are we living the Age feeling stressed Cheeks of a ghost. DAILY-STRENGTH PICTURES come alive look at it long enough you see the love in all of us. We need to sweeten the bitterness.  .Remembering the Peace fingers and love passing joints drinks and partying. Took you somewhere into the future plant new love seed yellow brick road or now it would be a red hot valentine spiced up the road he couldn’t hold it back heavy trucker man load..


 Tripping all stoned Lucy in the sky LSD Hallucination. This is the world now Stories of revolutions people fighting we need more peace and tranquility building higher force of foundation. Pop, Hip Hop, Rapp, Rock-it Heavy metal music survival our hearts like a love recital Love and Body part geared up with motivation .Love power sexual freedom relieves our tension. All that you knew you thought was’ Love’ .That Album love attraction simplicity sweeten the flavor like a serendipity Ice cream. Don’t let it be your struggle of conflict. We hear the same song love boredom getting back to one man one wife .Husband the golfer he has the whole in one .Mom of gems of two incredible. Three songs I sing to my family of three music love note’s a whole world will see. .We need to set different goals. We need to move forward our DAILY- STRENGTH will lead us on. This is not the political world of fighting it’s our power of the Godess Sun shining on all of us. COMMIT-CREATE-CATCH AND CAPTURE your DAILY-STRENGTH. Let’s  sweeten our desires whether its raw sound random mix you have what it takes reinvention might be your next DAILY STRENGTH fix .Keep your feet on the ground or let me rephrase that move your body to the next beat let Robin Femme Gem master that sound love toxic in the heat. Streaming music goes beyond anything voices to be heard to sing. .Let the music drive two minds think


alike. Sweeten your music flavor like Mike and Ike. Get that bitterness out throw bad seed of a trash Let the music be your story cover (News of a Flash). Happy if your sad or mad turn that into a sweet glad add a little star dust and lots of love lust, loneliness hearing millions of songs sweetens up the loves to guess; Stay with the audience don’t we all have things to confess delicious words to address. Music tells you a story you felt someone else’s body impulse. New evolution you are the creator we all have anxiety built


up emotions.We all have illnesses. We are all full of emotions but we are fighters. Soft touch holding world of hands Let Daily Strength lead us to better place keep smiling on your winner face. New age of so many culture's. Make your life fun Over The Rainbow dont allow yourself to  go under. If you need to shout let your emotions out..Heals our sexuality sweetens the bitterness Sweeten up everyone’s addictions  Its okay to get Delirious or make it more funny, understanding someone’s bitterness it changes to love and happiness dash of  Sugar cinnamon coffee steaming  inside the cup your friends tell a story  that’s why theres.DAILY STRENGTH OUR GUIDE TO OUR WORLD….






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Making Movies with Movie Maker I have so many pictures of Movies and my music that helps my anxiety hopefully find pictures soothing for your mind, put a compilation of different things to make you happy I put my music to pictures that keeps me busy and makes me strong gives me daily Strength...