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Proloquo2go on ipad

Posted on 04/09/10, 10:10 am
Proloquo (pronounced Pro-low-quo) is latin for speak out loud, 2go means mobile.

Because iPad has a larger screen, users will be able to use grids of up to 64 items. Proloquo2Go also now supports all device orientations allowing users to hold iPad any way they like.

New Features and Enhancements in version 1.3

Universal App that will run optimally on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Added additional items sizes for the iPad
Support for both landscape and portrait view plus device rotation
Redesigned toolbar for easier access to core functions
Additional Appearance Settings for a fine-tuned user experience
Rewritten core grid engine for higher performance

I have been told they have made enhancements for people wanting to use it as a text based communication system also, so words/sentences are centered when icons are removed.

Proloquo2Go costs a fraction of the dedicated devices it rivals, which typically cost anywhere between GBP4,000 and GBP8,000 just for devices that also use basic touchscreen for input. Other more specialised inputs such as eyegaze can cause much more (around GBP15000)

For someone who is able to touch a screen for input why pay 5,000 or have to wait up to 12-18 months for funding, if you can get one for under GBP500 by putting Proloquo2go on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone?

Users and speech-language pathologists love Proloquo2Go and even though it has been on the market for less than a year on iPhone or iPod Touch. It has been highly popular amongst children and adults who are still mobile and/or have the fine motor skills needed to use the smaller screen. It is completely customisable for individual need whereas some dedicated devices have pages where vocabulary is set and allow more limited options for individualising the device.

As a person with Ataxia who struggles to send basic text messages on my Blackberry trying to use the small iPod Touch or iPhone for communication would have proved too difficult and tedious so I was delighted when the iPad was announced and that it would run apps from iTunes as I relaised I would also be able to get Proloquo2go and finally have a ‘jumbo iPod Touch’ to also use for downloading captioned videos and accessing other apps and games that I have heard so much about.

I am hoping to be able to get one when they are released in the UK, so please do come to check this space in a month and I’ll put up pics of my own page designs.


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