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Trabasack tray/bag

Posted on 04/06/10, 08:59 am
The Trabasack was designed by a wheelchair user. It is kind of a tray with a bean bag base but you can also put things inside it.

It is ideal for storing smaller communication aids that you don't want mounting or if you have a sporty style manual chair with no arm rests so dont want a traditional style big tray. (see photo of my Lightwriter on Trabasack Curve Connect)

You can get it as a laptop bag style or a curved style, you can also choose trim colours and regular style top or 'connect' top which is velcro so you can attach things to it such as switches or a communication aid. you can also attach it to the D rings around the tray for added safety,

The tray can be fixed with straps to side of a buggy or a strap worn around your waist, for added security you could also use side straps to afix to arm rests on a chair as well as around waist or around the chair if you wanted to.

For full options and pics visit www.trabasack.co.uk


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