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Posted on 07/09/11, 01:55 pm
Hi all
i found recently a very good software for people who can't use the hands to write but have some head control like me (i'm cerebral palsy quadriplegic). The name is cameramouse from the site http://cameramouse.org and is FREE. There is lots of adjustements you can make for your needs. You only have to had a computer with webcam. The webcam marks a point in your head so you can control the features of the program. You can choice between lots of sizes and forms of the markers. I think is very good for cerebral palsy people specially CP kids because helps learn how to control better the heads movements.
I hope this message can be helpful for people with disability or parents of disabled kids.
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  • Reply #1 07/21/11  3:03am
    Thanks Alex

    Didn't realise you had put this on here already! Is it much easier to type with and less tiring then head stick/switches?
  • Reply #2 08/29/11  11:22am
    Hi kati really is no comparison, because you do't have to have a mechanical device attached in your head. Perhaps some type of very advanced switch is better, but i don't know then.


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