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YOGA... HOW on earth to do yoga when SOOOO heavy???

Posted on 04/05/09, 04:51 pm
I have recorded several different styles of yoga shows on tv and just can't do them. I am so NOT flexible at all, realize now how badly my body has 'frozen' sitting on my bumper on the couch for so long! Also trying to get in just about any position, I feel so 'compressed' I just can NOT breath. It is awful.

How do you handle that???? Or is it just me??
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  • Reply #1 04/05/09  5:05pm
    Not just you curly, When i've gone to exercise classes I found some of the stretches impossible, either my belly would get in the way or my legs wouldn't bend in the direction they were supposed to! Good for you for trying. If you can try doing the beginners positions, i'm sure with time you'll find yourself getting more supple. It's always good to breathe!
  • Reply #2 04/05/09  11:26pm
    I reckon you do what you can as what you see on tv looks perfect but we aren't - its good that you are trying.
  • Reply #3 04/05/09  11:35pm
    OMG! I am so with you. When people suggest that I do yoga or pilates I think, "You obviously have never been obese. You try getting into those positions when you have a huge belly in your way." Not only can I not get in the positions, but if I can get into the position is it nothing but painful and I don't think that is what yoga is supposed to do for you. I don't benefit from it at all. I wouldn't worry about not being able to do it. Don't stress it for now.
  • Reply #4 04/06/09  8:23am
    If I make it into a position AND CAN breath.. it does feel really good... but then always.... muscle spasms, leg cramps, side stitches and all I am doing is stretching. It is so discouraging.
  • Reply #5 04/06/09  10:09pm
    Isn't there a "chair yoga" dvd? I might google for that...
  • Reply #6 04/11/09  3:18am
    There are 2 DVDs I would recommend, both specifically for bigger people.

    Yoga: Just My Size With Megan Garcia



    HeavyWeight Yoga: Yoga for the Body You Have Today


    There is also a Pilates DVD, but I have not ordered it so I can't say whether it is any good -

    Look Great, Feel Great: "Plus Size Pilates"


    Hopefully these links will take you to the correct pages at Amazon.com, but if not, just search the site for their names.
  • Reply #7 04/11/09  9:06pm
    Thanks. I just placed my Amazon order :-)
  • Reply #8 04/15/09  4:23pm
    I can relate!! My sister and I bought a yoga DVD and we planned to work on it together (my sister can afford to lose a few pounds, but she isn't overweight!) Well I figured I would give it a try before we tried together, and was really bummed to find that I physically could not do what they were doing on the tape. I was a very flexible person at one time (could even do a split) but now because of my weight, I am physically unable to do those things. Even sitting indian-style. I had never given it a second thought, but when I tried for the yoga, I just about cried! I couldn't believe that such a "simple" sitting position that i once took for granted is one I can no longer do.


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