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  • When Crisis Has Changed Your Life

    Posted by Laurie727 - 05/28/11, 11:48 am

    When Crisis Has Changed Your Life      This piece was written by James E. Miller, a grief counselor, who has written several books on grief and loss. When Crisis Has Changed Your Life Sometimes life hurts us. Sometimes it robs us of something or someone very dear. Sometime...

  • A place of Refuge

    Posted by Laurie727 - 05/21/11, 10:43 am

    I walked down the path in darkness no one walked by my side there was no friendly face to greet me no one heard the tears I cried   Each new dawn brought more sadness it was a struggle to get thru the day still I continued my lonesome journey hoping to find some friends along the way ...

  • Hug

    Cobysmom (03/21/14)

    Good morning ladies, I just wanted to say I hope you have a blessed day!

  • I'm With You

    scottsmommy (03/19/14)

    Hi all...let's get this group active. Mom's definitely need support from each other cause we don't get enough of it from other places.

  • I'm With You

    Linda Torres (07/17/11)

    Hi,Everyone I hope your weekend was a great one..I went to see my son.It's getting harder and harder to leave..I can't stand it ..And then he tells me of a young man 19 in there...And his parent's wont visit or take his calls..I put some money on his books for him to buy long johns ...

  • Hug

    RWsMom (07/17/11)

    Back at cha momoffourboys! And to all the rest of you!!!!!!