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  • Accepting Rejection

    Posted by Alana2 - 04/15/15, 07:58 am

    You have to stop caring about them if they have kicked you entirely out of their lives. That's awfully blunt to say, I know. But I think you have to. (Take what I say here as only my opinion and experience.)   This is different from saying you have to stop loving them. You can still love them...

  • The Awakening: Suicide hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255

    Posted by kaChing - 03/27/15, 08:38 am

  • Flowers

    2GetUp (05/10/15)

    Thanks to all who share the pain, work to recover, and try to help each other.

  • Good Luck

    2GetUp (02/12/15)

    Good luck finding healthy new ways to enjoy living and meeting interesting new people and helping others and learning new ideas!

  • Hug

    JOYHOLY (01/12/15)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015***

  • Hug

    Cherdances (12/24/14)

    Happy Holidays to all. May you all find peace, joy, and blessings to count. You're all a blessing to me.

  • Prayer

    kaChing (12/23/14)

    Wishing all of you blessings and great joy for the Christmas holiday.

  • Hug

    Cherdances (11/27/14)

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day full of hope and thanks.

  • Hug

    Cherdances (10/29/14)

    Hoping for peace and happiness in all of your lives

  • Hug

    loss2big (04/12/14)

    Thank you for the weekend wishes. Hugs and Peace to you too.