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Connection b/w verbal abuse and OCD?

Posted on 03/28/08, 04:37 pm
My hubby just told me that he thinks he has OCD. He went to a doc about 5 years ago, at the end of his previous marriage, and she confirmed. He never got any treatment. He just told me and we've been married a year. I always just thouht they were cute idiosyncracies (and I was his comfort). There has also been, what I think, might be verbal abuse. Do you guys know if these are correlated? He's very controlling and demanding. He admits to the repititions and rituals, but not to the maltreatment.
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  • Reply #1 03/28/08  8:34pm
    I do believe there is a correlation between ocd and verbal abuse. many times I can not believe the words coming out of my wife's month. have you ever seen
    ''me, mysel and irene''? I tell myself I hate my wife's ocd and not my wife. my wife loves me but her ocd and me do not get alone. hang in there....if you need anything let me know.
  • Reply #2 03/29/08  10:51pm
    my boyfriend doesn't say anything but if i move to many things without puting them back he get's upset and quickly replaces things...i know it makes him anxious...

    maybe the axiety from the OCD triggers some people to become verbally abusive?
  • Reply #3 03/31/08  11:27am
    Things were better this last weekend - at least they were less volatile. Thanks for the support, I appreciate the replies. I think one thing I learned is that, I have my stuff too. And sometimes I feel, that my own insecurities and neediness don't "fit" into his organized, perfectionist world. Ironically enough, I feel like his standards are too high for me. I wonder if he's able to find happiness - true happiness - anywhere.
  • Reply #4 04/09/08  12:50pm
    my nephew has severe ocd and every little thing is an issue. he gets better and then seemingly out of nowhere, he is worse. he is def verbally abusive. we are having a real problem with this. i recognize it is ocd and not luie talking, but it wears on me and my husband considerably. i never know what to do to "handle" him. hopefully he'll be able to start therapy soon. this depends on his mom who says she does not have money for therapy but managed to send sixty dollars to him for his new puppy. honestly, i think therapy may come first.
  • Reply #5 04/10/08  8:39am
    I also believe there is a correlation. From what therapists have told us (my husband has OCD) is it a 'doubting disease'. I have had difficulty with both the control, the doubt (for example he will ask us what we touched, if we touched something, or insist we touched a contaminated area when we did not), and the verbal abuse. I too can't believe the person he becomes when we argue sometimes. And yes, he too has a huge problem accepting responsibility for his behavior. I have been able to step back though, after the argument, and realize that the OCD has made my husband very isolated and very much aware that he is different and everything I may discuss is just another attack or insult. I recently got him to agree to at least try medication short term to alleviate some of his anxiety (my husband rarely leaves the house at this point) so the therapy can be more effective (he was resistant to just therapy). Our marriage counselor suggested that a lot of the marital issues are OCD related and once my husband finds a way to control some of the anxiety issues in the marriage can be addressed. I will keep you posted (we haven't gotten to the medication part yet only the initial evaluation) and let you know what more we learn that may help. It does help though to know that it just may be the OCD and not the person you married.
  • Reply #6 04/10/08  12:10pm
    Thank you so much for the comforting words. Just knowing that I'm not in my own little world has helped a lot. Another thing that my counselor told me is that his OCD, is just that, his. If his "stuff" isn't harming me or our marriage, let it go. In other words, just go with the flow. We are doing much better, and I noticed that I've not been saying anything or commenting on the rituals or repititions. Just going with the flow. Fortunately, he has a light case and doesn't cause a lot of anxiety.
  • Reply #7 05/24/08  9:15am
    my husband has his moments and we are in one of those moments right now. it is so frustrating and hurtful to hear his words. my husbands go deeper. he likes to tell me that i don't try to understand his problems or i don't care what he is going through. he attacks my lack of personal interests and his disappointment in my efforts to do things. i absolutely think OCD and verbal abuse go hand in hand. i hate my husbands OCD with a passion. our marriage would be perfect with out it. we have 5 children and a great life, but this seems to control everything!


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