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Diabetes and Lichen Sclerosis ????

Posted on 12/12/10, 06:29 pm
I have had Lichen Sclerosis since forever. Just after I had my daughters, they are 31 and 33 years old now, I was diagnosed when I went to resume birth control after my last kid. At first the only treatment was petrolium jelly and hydrocortisone. Then a new doctor prescribed Clobetasol which helped termendously and a concoction of petrolium jelly and testosterone cream that didn't do anything. Several years ago, after finishing menopause and being pissed off at hubby , I quit using everything and actually now seldom have a flare. This is a very disturbing problem for hubby but who cares:) He never cared when he was hurting me... but I digress.
I never heard of a connection between Diabetes and Lichen Sclerosis until I joined this group. Where can I find more information. I have been type II for a while. Both children weighed over 9 pounds.
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  • Reply #1 12/12/10  9:01pm
    I am not sure...but I DO know that I was tested for it, when they thought I had LS. I guess I do NOT have LS, but it was misdiagnosed and I actually have HPV. Anyway, but I remember them testing me for it as well as the LS. Both were negative. But, my doc did say there was a connection. He just didn't say what. I would do a google search, or check WebMD for possible information. Also, on Oprah's website there was a section devoted to LS. That might have some information for you. Good luck! I wish you all the best! :)
  • Reply #2 01/29/13  5:26pm
    Does anyone in this group know of people who have hypothyroid and then got LS? (I did and want to know if there are others.)


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