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Local Support Group Meetings

Posted on 05/15/10, 12:18 am
Hi Everyone,

I just joined and I am in serious need of help to get my lying problem under control. My life is unraveling because of it and it has to stop now!

As much as I appreciate an online group and I will certainly be a very active participant here, does anyone know of any actual live groups that meet in Central Florida? Or does anyone know of a directory of such groups? I have looked online but cant seem to find anything.

Please help me. I'm crashing fast!
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  • Reply #1 05/17/10  12:42am
    Me either and I want support and help too, I feel like my life is falling apart. I dont want to be like this anymore I keep hurting the people I love the most.
  • Reply #2 05/17/10  8:00am
    Hi Crystal,

    I'm glad someone has signed on to reply to my post. I'm sorry to hear you are in the same situation too.

    Where are you located? Have you found any local resources to help you at all?
  • Reply #3 06/02/10  8:15pm
    I'm also in need of serious help with my lying.... I'm not sure where to turn?!? I'm not trying to give excuses with my situation either but I have had a brain injury - a stroke at birth... Could this possibly have a onnection with the lying?!? Anyway please help!
  • Reply #4 06/05/10  10:26pm
    i just joined today and i am lost in my lies. I hope this is the start to me getting help. i would love to meet with a group face to face. i am in Central Florida too. if there is no group maybe we can start one.
  • Reply #5 06/06/10  11:11am

    Please get back to me about starting a Central Florida Support Group. I would really like to get one going!

  • Reply #6 06/14/10  8:16pm
    Hi all, I have recently discovered this site and welcome the fact that I am NOT the only one whose life has become unmanagable though my lying. I joined Overeatser Anonymous 1 year ago and found the 12 step program has helped me to come to terms with the reasons I lied. Now, after 35 years of lying (even telling my ex wife that I HAD a father and mother who were kliving in Ireland (though they never actually existed) before we got married and kept this pretence up for almost 7 years).

    My suggestion would be to find a similar group in your area. The guide for OA is that they offer all "the gift of acceptance" you may be surprised how this may help.

    My life is changing day by day, but there are still opportuniyies for lying, no matter how small. It's a bit like the alcoholic, tell a small lie and it all goes back to the first square.

    Good luck all.
  • Reply #7 06/16/10  5:17am
    good day all my friends call me Philly and not only am I a liar I am also an alcoholic.I too am new to this site and again "THANKS TO ALL" I am also looking for support groups in Greensboro NC.......ANYBODY?????I'm very weiry about this journey I am about to take for the simple fact that I'm afraid of losing my girl and my friends.I haven't lied because my lips aren't moving.and it's 5 in the morning and yet another sleepless night due to the friendly neighborhood concious.lol.and the love of my life isn't up yet......HELP
  • Reply #8 06/16/10  9:02am
    Hey Philly and Everyone,

    FIrst of all, I want to say that I'm so glad to see that everyone here has found this group. If it doesn't provide the exact support you need, at least you know that a) you're not alone, by any means, and that's a comfort in itself; and b) you've found a place where we can help point you in the right direction. I'm sure we've all heard it before, but asking for help and admitting we have a problem IS the 1st step to changing our lives for the better.

    The second thing I want to say (and you probably won't like it) is that I think it's very important that before we start on our journey of recovery that we look back on our life generally speaking and reflect on HOW LONG IT'S TAKEN US to get where we are and how we got here. I know for myself that I didn't start lying overnight. My lying addiction and compulsing formed allll through childhood, I perfected it during my teens, and it came to it's height in my 20's. With that said, it took us awhile to get here, so our Disease is not something that can be fixed in a matter of days or weeks, or maybe even years. But there are steps we can take and actions we can take to make us better, slowly but surely.

    I agree with Simon, that if you want tangible help, there's nothing better than joining a local 12 step group. You do not have to abuse and substances as there are MANY different types of 12 step groups. Here is a link for the wiki site that mentions all the different types there are. I myself am a member of Al-Anon, which is a 12 step group for friends and families of alcoholics. I strongly encourage you to explore this list and see if anything could work out for you.


    If anyone has questions that they want to talk more in depth about, please feel free to email me anytime. I would say if there's one thing that has been the most help for me it's been reading Melody Beattie's daily reader book "The Language of Letting Go" which you can find on amazon.com. It's a fantastic book.

    Laura O
  • Reply #9 06/18/10  7:33pm
    Hi all, I have been a compulsive liar for aprox 35 or more years, I have been tru 2 marriages and felt that I was "crashing" if I had not already crashed. I sat in a waiting room waiting to see my therapist and noticed a poster for a 12 step recovery program. I joined about 14 months ago, I have found the support of real people more beneficial than my therapist. So maybe look at this option, the GIFT OF ACCEPTANCE is given to all who enter the fellowship of the 12 step progrm, for examle NA, OA, AA, etc.

    Joining this sire and griup has also made me realise that ther are so many iothers like me. As another person on here has said, my name is Simon and I AM unique, but we all have things in our lives and our recovery journies which are SIMILAR!! DO NOT GIVE UP "HOPE"!
  • Reply #10 04/11/12  11:35pm
    I live in orlando, fl.
    let me know if any one is starting a live group.
    thank you


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