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Intuition about people

Posted on 06/24/09, 12:18 am
Okay, I know it's best not to judge, but being an HSP and being highly observant, I tend to see traits that people posess. It may take non-HSP's forever to notice; meanwhile, it'll drive me bonkers (Can't you folks see that this person is manipulative? Can't you folks hear that this person talks only of himself?) And you know what? I know that as an hsp, I tend to read into things too much, but with reference to character traits, I end up dead-on.

Anyone else with a similar experience?
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  • Reply #1 06/24/09  6:51am
    I am highly observant & intuitive so it is easy for me to "read" the people I am with. I think we all do this but some of us are much more aware of it.

    I don't judge other people. We all have strengths & weaknesses. None of us are "perfect". We all make mistakes. We're all learning.

  • Reply #2 06/24/09  11:51am
    Well, I don't necessarily see it as judging. For example, if someone lives a lifestyle that is contrary to mine, I say "peace to you."

    However, in the same vein, people are who they are. So a manipulator is a manipulator. If something/someone is rubbing me the wrong way, I think it's my intuition telling me to watch out. Isn't it good to know before getting hurt by someone? E.g. I have often ignored intuition about co-workers or bosses, but as I got to know who these people really were, I regretted ignoring my initial instincts. There always seems to be red flags, and as HSPs we pick up on them more easily.
  • Reply #3 06/24/09  12:54pm
    yes, getting older has made me wiser, I hope. Initial impressions are usually the right impression---ignore them at your own peril. The trick is to remain civilized and humble , knowing we are all fallible. Judging is a no-no.
  • Reply #4 06/24/09  3:34pm
    Yes! I am the same way
  • Reply #5 07/19/09  2:11am
    Hi Hanni,

    I agree with you 100%,I don't regard it as "judging" either..it's just..knowing what you know.

    I'm pretty good at reading people and if I get bad vibes from anyone,I know it's my intuition,gut feeling..whatever you want to call it..warning me for my own self protection..and I would say always listen to that inner knowing..the only times I've got myself in trouble..is when I've ignored it,and it always turned out that I was right all along!

    Yes its a great thing to have if we listen to it..it can save you alot of hurt and heartache.

    Sharon xoxo
  • Reply #6 07/19/09  6:13am
    I wonder if other people know that we HSP's are here? People just spout out words, do they know what their words sound like to us? So much crap!! I don't think we HSP's judge, we just feel so much more deeply than others. You meet someone, they pretend to be your friend, and then BAM!!! They expect us to be their personal whipping boy. (so to speak). It makes me want to vomit!!
  • Reply #7 07/19/09  5:03pm
    I just tend to follow my gut most of the time and stay observant as well. I have learned for myself that is, it is better for me to follow my gut instinct at first impression of someone but also keep a window open as I have seen some 180 degree turns that surprised me.
  • Reply #8 07/19/09  6:03pm
    (I am chuckling when I read this)

    "Okay, I know it's best not to judge, but being an HSP and being highly observant, I tend to see traits that people posess."

    Recently it has been my experience that many self-help support groups have conjured this "being judgemental is being sinful" concept into the world. Either I no longer really understand what it means when people say being judgemental is a vice, or this is new psycho mumbo-jumbo.

    I don't know about you, but I actually try to be judgmental about things I do. In fact I consider being judgemental the opposite of being confused or uncertain. I have a inner personal value scale I attempt to keep intact and feed regularly and ask myself constant questions, like: "Do I agree with what that person said?" "Do I really want to buy this in that colour?" "Is this something I really feel comfortable doing?"

    And yes, I, like many people make judgements, or deteriminations, such as "Does everyone else fail to notice that this person is a syphocant, or hypocriical?" or "I know exactly what makes him such an irrestable attractive person to talk to or share compay with, and it's not his perfect smile".

    For heavens' sake! Give yourself a break! You really cannot help being judgemental, and it's perfectly human! And remember that people who are not judgmental are easy prey for fraudulant criminals, religious or idealogical sects and cults, or subversive political propaganda! As P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute!" He was referring specifically to the non-judgemental (and non-critical) people.
  • Reply #9 07/19/09  6:39pm
    Way to go Weissdom!

    Thank God its not just me then..being kind and non judgemental has got me into alot of hot water over the years and made me a target for all kinds of abusive people..I've been in any number of "spiritual" groups ,where the minute they didn't like me speaking my mind,they've used the "you're being judgemental" line as a way to get me to shut up!

    I see what I see and like you I don't regard that as some sort of "sin"

    If it protects me and keeps me safe,then I don't care what other people think..

    It's so good to see someone agreeing with me for once,if only more people had your view :)

  • Reply #10 07/19/09  9:23pm
    Well this is an interesting conversation. I always thought "being judgemental" was a horrible trait...but I see what you both mean...it's really necessary to be judgemental. Good point to remember & so obvious to me now.


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