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My office mate drives me crazy!

Posted on 07/11/11, 04:06 pm
Me, a very introverted soul, stuck with an outgoing, NOISY, extroverted office mate (most days feels more like a "cell mate"). Basically I'm just venting as, with this lousy economy, I haven't been able to find another job so am stuck here, which doesn't help me be patient with my office mate. One day last week I came the closest I've ever come to asking her to PUT A SOCK IN IT...she talks to herself constantly, sings, whoops & makes all these annoying noises (this morning she was actually singing the Sponge Bob Square Pants song...can you say "pre-school", anyone?). I'm just not able to tell her to CLAM IT, it's so out of my nature so I just doubled my aspirin, took a few deep breaths and soldiered on. Many times she does make me laugh, tho, she's just so out there with her need for attention and such the opposite of me. Thanks for reading this, send me your positive vibes!
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  • Reply #1 07/11/11  5:30pm
    oh, dear!! I am so sensitive to my environment - so I know how you feel. What is wrong with nicely telling her the level of her voice is distracting you from your work?

    Hang in there and if you like your job, you shouldn't have to quit!
  • Reply #2 07/11/11  6:46pm
    You are absitively right, I should be able to nicely assert myself and not doing so creates anxiety (and other things, too). What I'd really like is quiet but don't think she can do that plus it would be so against her personality. I worry terribly about making people angry, I guess that's what it boils down to...as it is she already only speaks to me when she has to, for reasons I truly don't know.

    I'm working as an Admin at a bank while looking for something I'd enjoy more...this has been an OK in between job but I've decided the banking industry is a bit too dry, even for maliable me!
  • Reply #3 07/11/11  9:35pm
    If you are only planning on staying there for a while; then YOU can handle her. Just focus on things in your mind that make you smile. Take care, Rose
  • Reply #4 07/13/11  10:51am
    This made me giggle, because I have had EXACTLY THE SAME office mate as you! And mine did drive me crazy also.

    Mine would even use cartoon character voices to talk to herself at times. Fortunately at that job I didn't need to do brain surgery lol.

    Are you allowed to wear earbuds/headphones? You can get some kind of audio file that plays white noise (like sea waves or fan noise) that blocks out unwanted sounds. If not, keep looking for a better job would be my idea. ; ) If you told her you had a headache do you think she'd try to be more quiet, of her own accord?

    Joyce Meyer says that God puts us with people opposite of us to make us stronger. I guess he has a sense of humor lol. But it sure can make us frustrated!
  • Reply #5 07/13/11  7:42pm
    I had a colleague who never stopped talking, work didn't matter, he was so fond of his own voice. It is not in my nature to be nasty but one day I had had enough.
    I turned round ( I amazed myself) and said:-

    "Tony the amount of energy you expend by talking, would be enough to launch a rocket to the moon".

    There was a silence in the office (everyone was fed-up of him) which lasted a full five minutes, Tony didn't speak to me for ages. I know it was unkind of me, but I was so wound up, trying to concentrate on my work, while he was going yakkety yak.
  • Reply #6 07/13/11  8:04pm
    I seem to know a lot of loud exroverts. They have their good points but they are exhausting! I can only take so much & I need a break.
  • Reply #7 07/13/11  9:14pm
    I don't cotton to babbling and I see nothing wrong in setting a boundary--this is about you. It is not about her. We have the right to say, "I need some silent time." or quiet time. You are not responsible for her feelings. You are only responsible for your own. No need to justify or explain to her. It is your right simply by being alive to ask for what you want.."I'm needing some quiet time now." By not being honest about setting limits for ourselves we aren't helping the other person. Most people will be happy to respect your boundaries, but they don't have the chance if we don't tell them.
  • Reply #8 07/14/11  7:12am
    mirto ... your reply has so much truth & simplicity. I really need to remember this every day. Thank you.
  • Reply #9 07/17/11  10:28pm
    Oh dear oh dear, I hope nobody slings tomatoes at me, but I am the Chatty Cathy of most relationships, that said, it would be a cold day in hell where I would sit at a desk and sing Sponge Bob songs !
    That is just plain nuts !!! ( unless of course it is an office where everybody is singing silly things, doing funny voices and accents .....).

    All comes down to the group dynamics of the place in question.
  • Reply #10 07/18/11  8:44am
    Of all songs...Sponge Bob... almost as bad a Barney that purple dinosaur. This office worker does need to tone it down and I understand of not hurting their feelings at the cost of your sanity. Report this person ot the human resource department person maybe? You can't be the only one this person is driving crazy. Maybe pushing a broom around and around out of your space would be a better job for them..


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