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do you get overwhelmed easily?

Posted on 06/30/10, 07:45 pm
lately I am finding that I can't even have a conversation in a car while I am trying to cross traffic. and put an angry driver behind me who did not want to stop while I am waiting to turn left and I have to ask ppl in the car to be quiet lol. I just can no longer multi-task. just impossible!
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  • Reply #1 07/01/10  6:11am
    I get overwhelmed easily. Whenever I feel there is "too much" of something. Too much to do, too much to think about, too many people, too many places to go in one day, too many things to remember, too much noise, too much traffic, etc. I try to keep my life simple & at a slower pace ... but it doesn't always happen that way.
  • Reply #2 07/01/10  9:40am
    I do have those "overwhelming" feelings some of the time, but driving will increase that feeling. Truthfully, I don't even listen to music in the car anymore as I prefer complete quiet while I'm driving and I also don't like to talk while I'm driving either. Multi-tasking while driving isn't a good idea any way.
  • Reply #3 07/01/10  12:30pm
    oh yes definitely, I am trying to simplify more like Janvier but it's not always easy. I sometimes don't mind a bit of music on in the car but often i just have to turn it off because I feel I am getting overloaded and can't concentrate. I get overwhelmed and agitated when talking with someone and there is some activity going on or noise in the back ground, it get's overwhelming, talking with someone who has kids running around, is just awful. It's just too much.
    i can't have the tv volume up and talk either, I have to always mute or turn volume way down. But I think that may have something to do with my hearing........I am getting it checked out soon.
  • Reply #4 07/01/10  3:38pm
    yep me too
    only today i say muttering to myself too much to do too many things for me to all alone in my life....and then next thing i know i am all in tears and exhausted and i even struggled to read

    its happened before where i am so over whelmed i cant even read
  • Reply #5 07/01/10  11:42pm
    My dream has been to move to the middle of nowhere and just live off the land (with close family, occasional visitor...). I do try to live as simply as possible. Not an easy feat, at times.

    Speaking of hearing....when my son's hearing was checked for school purposes, they retested him three different times because he tested off the scale. They thought it was a coincidence the first time, but he tests this way consistently.
  • Reply #6 07/02/10  4:28pm
    hearing too good or too bad?
  • Reply #7 07/02/10  11:08pm
    His hearing is too good - he could hear in ranges that are really outside of the norm. It is no wonder he has such difficulty with larger groups, etc.
  • Reply #8 07/03/10  12:44am
    yes! I can relate to this. I just started driving again. And it is impossible to multi-task driving around here. I have people darting in and out of the traffic, people who stop to turn without using their blinkers, people pushing the light still driving on yellow and red, the radio blaring, friends talking a mile a minute,lots of noise. I can't believe I even drive in all this. I really do get overwhelmed. I don't see how cellphone and people who text and drive can do that.
  • Reply #9 07/03/10  4:14am
    ah yeh I can see that could be hard...yeh moving into the country would be good then...well it would anyway
    i would love to do that too
  • Reply #10 07/06/10  10:41pm
    Oh yes, when i get overwhelmed I shut down. Go home, go to sleep. close my eyes during conversations. I ride a city bus alot, i use headphones and play music to blot out the noise. I hate multi-tasking, whatever happened to one thing at a time? I would love to live by the beach and hear the waves 24/7. and be a hermit, but civilization not too far so i CAN go to Wal-mart!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLISSSSS


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