Side Effects??!!?? No one told me there was side effects!

Posted by BINKSwithMS - 06/09/08, 06:30 am
Yes... it is true. Hemp has side effects.

But.. like any drug, once your body adjusts to the THC the side effects will disappear. Some of these effects can be very annoying as well as downright scarey.

Side effects can include the following.

Paranoia.... this is usually the easiest to get rid of but is generally the effect that bothers most. This will usually come from the fact that it is illegal. Once you no longer care as you health does come first, this will no longer be an issue.

Anxiety.... Most time this can be mistaken for paranoia or be part of it. Get over the fact that you are breaking the law.

Dry Mouth.... also refered to as cotton mouth. Chew sugarless gum or ice chips. This is mostly due to smoking hemp verses ingesting.

Euphoria.... This is not so much a side effect as it is true relief.

Munchies.... For the first while after sdtarting, you may experience "munchies". This will be felt as a desire to eat any thing and everything. Have some healthy snacks on hand such as raw vegetables or fruit. Cheesy Poofs are NOT healthy.

Increased Heartrate.... This may be a combination of the above side effects but for the most part is harmless.

Uncontrollable fits of laughter.... Go with it. If it is funny, feel free to bust a gut.

Dizzyness.... this product may cause dizzyness and care should be taken when operating any type of machinery.

Damage to vital organs... none, but seems to repair any damage done.

Contradiction.... There are no known interactions between hemp and any other drug.

Liver.... This is not so much a side effect as it is a warning and some trivia. The liver's function is to filter out all chermicals that do not belong in the bloodstream. This is why the liver gets so much damage from medications. THC is not filtered out and if you are subjected to a urine test even after you have stopped, it may still show trace amounts of THC.

It is almost as if the plant was designed to be used in humans.

As mentioned the side effects no longer become an issue after used for some time. Relief is determined by how the THC is used. If smoked relief should last approx 2 hours if the hemp has a high enough THC present. Hemp Oil ingested should give lasting relief for about 5 hours.

If you feel you need to get high in order for it to work, you will be wasting you money and hemp. The more you use the more you need to get high.


  1. feisty

    You forgot the best one....horniness.


  2. ACLu

    These are all normal human side effects. Have you heard of the prescription drug side effects? It includes organ failure & death;available everywhere & mandatory. I cant wait for all those wonderful much needed effects from bud it will be a blessing; cant sleep, eat, relax, or horniness without!


  3. ladystarr

    Im new here!....I just wish I could make my own oil



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