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Forsaken Parent

Posted on 01/23/14, 06:52 pm
Ive had a dark week, tho obviously no sunshine here.... well I went on line to youtube and typed in estranged parents,, surprisingly there are vids , of parents voicing their anguish.. theres a series of vids by Lisa Logan, shes a psychotherapist, who is estranged by her dau.. she is obviously hurting too and needs enc.. if you are able check out her vids and send her a enc note to Forsakenparents@gmail.com.. thanks everyone !!!
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  • Reply #1 01/23/14  6:55pm
    I know....I tried to go on chatzy, but cant get the password
  • Reply #2 01/23/14  8:09pm
    im an ignoramus,, i havent a clue whats chatzy..lol
  • Reply #3 01/24/14  7:54am
    Hi glazzbird, I don't know what chatzy is either but I did watch a video by Lisa Logan and found it very helpful. Thank you for the info about her. I will be watching the other videos too. Thank you. I'm so sorry it has been a hard week for you as it has been a very hard and dark week for me too. Much peace to you. Sincerely, sosad2013
  • Reply #4 01/24/14  1:04pm
    Hi Ladies

    Chatzy is our very own chat room where members can talk to one another in real time. It is located at the top of this page on the right hand side ("Members Chat Zone"), or you can follow this link to log in:- http://www.chatzy.com/47416942067094

    If no one is in the chat room (those present will be listed on the right side of the chat window), you can always PM other members to let them know that you're available to chat and/or post in the "In Chat" thread http://www.dailystrength.org/groups...

    I have privately messaged everyone the password to enter the chat room, and your username will be the same as your DS username.

  • Reply #5 01/25/14  9:25pm
    I am confused. The chat room on here? I treied to get on , I did once, but now it wont work.


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