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  • Members' Birthdays

    Posted by artemis000 - 03/09/14, 09:55 am

     January   22nd - HoustonTxMom   27th - MrPHP  February16th - Kit27th - LoveMySonMarch10th - Kamary10th - Notsosad16th -  Lori April 3rd - PHenson13th - NanaAngie 13th - Luvwillfindaway 28th - NannieBe MayJune July (End of month) Epicjourn...

  • HOPE Extra (Click to read full article)

    Posted by artemis000 - 01/17/14, 07:58 am

    We keep adding self-help articles, books and resources to this section:-       Enjoy!

  • Group Guidelines, Etiquette & Common Abbreviations (Click to read full article)

    Posted by artemis000 - 06/21/13, 07:50 pm

    The main aim and focus of HOPE is to support and encourage one another to remain positive, come to terms with estrangement and, hopefully, find ways to reconcile with our estranged adult children. If reconciliation has, sadly, proved impossible for the time being (eg, the estranged adult children ar...

  • Flowers

    LAMAE (01/09/15)

    Hi Kit, You have been on my mind for a few days now hoping you are doing good. I did not want to impose on your personal situation but I feel like I have a new family "Haven Family" and I wanted to see how you are doing. I really hope you are doing good and thank you for helping me so mu ...

  • Prayer

    lovemyson1 (01/09/15)

    Dear Kit, I didn't want to trouble you. We are all very concerned for you. Your HOPE family values and appreciates all you do for us. As Alex said you are quite the Hero. I hope you're feeling better very soon. Love, Maureen

  • Prayer

    artemis000 (12/31/14)

    Happy New Year, Everyone!!

  • Hug

    goomer67 (12/26/14)

  • Flowers

    LAMAE (10/07/14)

  • Hug

    lovemyson1 (09/22/14)

  • Hug

    maria74 (08/01/14)

  • Hug

    notsosad (05/27/14)

    Thank you so very much HOPE. This fantastic group has been such a support to me. I am finding now though even though my daughter and I are communicating that I will continue to need your support. I just want to thank you for being here. You have all been such a "rock"to me and I have lear ...