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Posted on 05/23/08, 11:52 am
well.... i am a survivor of 2 gunshot wounds to the head... i witnessed my boyfriend getting shot 6 times in the chest and passed on... Michael Gregory R.I.P. 3/24/06.... we were robbed.... and at that time before this had happened mike and i were into Crack-cocaine.. (i am not sure if i spelled that rite and to be honest i dont care).... so we had asked this kid Jeremey to give us a ride to get some money from mike's union local 172 (he was a paver/miller for a constrution company that did the highways and back roads and any road that was worth doing).... anyways... we needed to get this check for like i forget how much i think it was like $1200 or something along that amount ... and so we told jeremy how much it was goin to be and said we would give him $$ from that and whatever... and also we bought drugs from him so we were going to give him $$ for that... and so he picks us up from my apartment and we leave and jeremy could not drive so his cousin had came with us and so mike was in the front passanger side to give directions and then i was behind mike and jeremy was next to me (and his cousin was driving of course)... and so we go to Newark, NJ to get the check... we come back towards home (Dunellen) and we stopped in Plainfield to cash the check ... we gave jeremy $$ and we bought some things from the check cashing store... and umm whatever... so.... umm we left the cash checkin place and was on our way home b4 we stopped at one more store to get cigaretts for me and minutes for my prepaid cell phone... and so then we were on our way... i told jermemys cousin to take the short cut throu the park and he was like i was thinkin of doin that anyways, cause there is always a lot of traffic on front street in plainfeild... and so i was not thinkin much of it .... as we pulled into the park (now mind you its about 11am)... i noticed jermeys cousin lookin in all the mirrors of the car and he is driving very slow... a car passed us to exit the park and we drove maybe 100 feet into the park... he stops the car and tells us to get out... so fuck it ... i got out cuz i was starting to get scared and then mike came out and jeremy came out and pulled out his gun... and was pointing it at me and mike (like switchen).... and so jeremy's cousin asked me who had the money and i said mike real fast cuz i was so scared and jeremy took a shot towards me and it missed me.... so he pointed it at mike and said give me the money so mike was giving him the money and was tellen him just to take it and please dont hurt us... so jeremy shot him 6 times... and then came over to me as i was crouched down so scared i looked up and there he was over me with the gun to the top of my head and looked me in the eyes and said "GOODBYE!" ... i fell to the floor and knocked out for i say possibly 5 secounds or so and i heard the car take off... and i was laying there still... i could not feel my right arm nor anything below my belly-button... so i knew i was shot ... i just didnt know how bad it was... and i turned my head to look at mike and i knew he was dead... i didnt see him move or breathe and i called for help.... someone told me the cops where on their way and so i laid there and closed my eyes a couple times... but somethin was keepin them open and i feel like it was my gaurdian angle (Grandma Marion... she was the best... she died next to me when i was 5).... and so i looked and seen the one cop come down the hill from behind someones house.... and then all of a sudden there was like so many ppl and so much going on... ppl were cutting my clothes off me... and i was screaming at them that i was shot in the fukin head not my body and they were sayn they had to check.... and i was like whatever... i was getting so mad... and i was so cold... and then i remember tellin so many ppl my story (all the detectives and they were making me repeat everything i was saying and i was like are you fukin stupid ... did u not hear me tell that person the same damn thing) and they told me that i was slurring my words and i did not believe them... but i didnt know.. and so i got a ride in a (helicopter)?..... and i went to the university of robert wood johnson in NewBrunswick.... and a cop was there askin me who he can call in my family to notify that i was there... and so i tried givin them my moms number and she was not answering and so i gave them my aunts work number (mind you this is all from the top of my head that i knew these numbers).... so he called my aunt and i was like i wish she wasnt the first one to get the call cause we were not talken for a while cuz she knew what i was doing and all that so she didnt want to see that nor be a part of my life (i did not blame her!!).... so i had to get all ready for the operation and all.... and umm i had no clue what time it was at this time.. but the doctor asked me if i wanted to talk to the detectives that were there and i said ok.... i had to make a statement and put a testomony on tape cause no one was sure if i was goin to survive... so i seen the mug shots of jeremy and his cousin and they got em... and whatever... so i went into surgery.... i came out of there and i woke up to find my room was filled with ppl... and i was crying and told everyone that i was so sorry.... and everyone said that it was ok... and they were happy i was alive... so here i am now after being in ICU for 3 weeks and moved to BTU (brain trama unit) for 1mth and a 1/2 or so and then moved to another place (heartwyck) for 8mths to learn to walk and all that fun stuff... i have seen and met so many different ppl who sufford from car accidents and strokes and heartattaches.... and so much more... i started to feel like wow this is serious and so they were my insperation to get up each morning and do what i needed to do... but it was like i wanted to cry each day and nite and i basically did when no one seen me.... i still do sometimes but no like before.... just to let out the frustration and fear of my new disability.... it sucks knowing that for like 23 yrs you can just get up and go, but now i have to be so carefull that when i walk without my braces that my ankles dont snap... it SUCKS!!... but i deal with it everyday and night ... i have the support from my aunt who had not left my side since day one... and my uncle who is my moms brother freddy... and his daughter steph who is 16 and who has learned so much about life from me and her other sisters... but umm i give my family so much credit for dealing with me and for allowing me back into their lives... i went to NA meetings and everything and told my story... and its funny cause i inspired so many ppl and my story traveled to other groups... which i was so surprised to hear that from someone that knew me from when i was a baby...

i want to help someone out with anything i can.... but i cant do much for myself just yet....

my mom is still a addict ... she was the one who started me on that shit!!... but hey i have a brain and a mouth and i could have used it... but i didnt .... so what can i do... =0/

well i hope my story inspired you all and i hope i get feed back from this... anyone can email me @ candicebkr@yahoo.com

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    I am so glad that you survived. You have an amazing story to tell that can save peoples lives. I hate when people try to tell you how to deal with something yet they have never been through it themselves. You have been there, you have faced death so you can give real, honest, whole-hearted advice. Have you considered offering to be a guest speaker at local schools when they have drug awareness week?
  • Reply #2 05/27/08  9:26am
    yes i did talk to one school and all the kids wanted to know where i had gotton my hat from... lol... but i would love to go all over and talk to all the kids and tell them what could happen... but then again they wont listen cuz i would not listen at their ages neither... =0/.


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