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Posted on 02/01/11, 08:07 am
Wish they would of had this around years ago...

100% Free Sex-Trick Management Software For Gay Men

Do you meet guys online and hookup with 'em? Ever lose track of 'em? Ever figure out that you're talking to the same jerk that wasted your time a few months ago? Ever have a bro ask if you want to hookup again and you can't remember who the hell he is, or what he looks like, much less if he was any good at it? If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions then iTrick is for you! Check out the features and screenshots or download your free copy today!


This is no joke! iTrick is fully functional and free. There are no membership or license fees. There are no ad banners. So what are you waiting for?

News Flash:

Several users have reported problems launching iTrick in Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).
If iTrick fails to launch, download this version.

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  • Reply #1 02/01/11  8:22am
    This is great!
  • Reply #2 02/01/11  12:27pm
    uuuhh, wow. i should line up some tricks just so i can use the software :-)
  • Reply #3 02/01/11  1:30pm
    Sound like a cool tool. But I wonder how it feels on the other end of the spectrum. What if you appear as a shitty date or love maker on some past tricks list. May be a little disturbing. But i think its fun as long as you don't take it to seriously.

    Let me know if I end up on one of your trick lists from many years ago. I might have to reenter the tricking society to protect my reputation.

    hehehehehe lol

  • Reply #4 02/01/11  1:40pm
    I'm actually a little disturbed by this. If you have that many tricks that you can't remember when, where, how, what, and who...then maybe you should be charging? I'm all for having fun and I totally get being free and dating but my wish is that maybe once, the gay community doesn't act like a bunch of slutty 13 year olds going thru puberty.
  • Reply #5 02/01/11  5:01pm
    I know what you mean DLuke. I knew someone that would jump on Manhunt and line up tricks for the night, 3 in a row, 30 min apart. I don't even know how he could keep it up for number 3. I found it amazing, yet disturbing.

    BTW, for those that don't know me that well, I was being sarcastic above. I don't do tricks, so stop flooding my inbox! Don't want anyone getting the wrong impression.
  • Reply #6 02/01/11  5:56pm
    Wait, you mean this isn't software to help you pull a rabbit out of a hat?
  • Reply #7 02/01/11  6:43pm
    @Steve--what are you doing tonight? Lol.
  • Reply #8 02/01/11  7:31pm
    Yeah Fiddler, something like that..! LOL
  • Reply #9 02/01/11  7:57pm
    @discus - I'll stop by. Hot almond oil or candle wax? Take your pick. I'm not your average 'pump and dump' kind of guy ;-)
  • Reply #10 02/01/11  8:30pm
    @steve--bring both, I'm not choosy. Btw, how do you like your eggs?:)


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