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  • the poem discussion is missing in full!!!???

    Posted by 79pounds - 12/16/11, 02:24 pm

    the poem discussion is missing in full.  i can't believe this.  i hope its ds doing it for a person to go after POEMS???? how evil can you get.

  • Flowers

    Katie386 (04/11/14)

    Have a great weekend, Hugs Katie

  • Hug

    Katie386 (04/10/14)

    Thank you all for letting me be a part of your group Hugs Katie

  • Hug

    steffie1993 (10/16/12)

    Hello everyone just wanted to give yall a big hug to brighen your day

  • Hug

    mitche499 (08/26/12)

    ❤ Hi everyone, i just joined your group, looks like fun & relaxing. Hugs & blessings to you all. Jean. ❤