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My Cat is a brat!!

Posted on 01/20/09, 03:24 pm
Does anyone have a aggressive cat?? I never had one before. My cat Salem was fine with the two new female kittens we rescued in May. But in the last few months she has started to chase them. They are so afraid of her. Has anyone else had this problem?? Thanks for listening. Janie
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  • Reply #1 02/28/09  1:49am
    My cat is phycotic. I don't know if she would be agressive with other cats or kittens, we only have 1 cat though her and the neighbors cat have been best buddies for years. Katie (our cat) holds her own with our 2 labrador retreivers, but she bites ME. Has drawn blood on numerous occasions. We got her when she was a baby, I think she was probably to young to leave her mother. That we've had her - or she's had us- for almost 11 years and I haven't strangled her yet -amazes me daily. lol


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