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Due Dates

Posted on 03/27/08, 02:02 pm
All right mommies! First things first, you need to let us all know your due dates and what your having if you know! How far along are you and how are you feeling?!
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  • Reply #11 03/28/08  3:10pm
    It's pronounced 'key-in.' It's an old Gaelic name. It means strength and loyalty. If it was a girl we were going to name her Kevralyn, which is an old viking name.
  • Reply #12 03/28/08  3:57pm
    Yup thats what I thought human! I like it, but then I did read an Irish romance novel once and the lead male was Cian!
  • Reply #13 03/28/08  8:52pm
    I'm due on October 29 and my husband and I don't plan to find out what we're having - we need some sort of surprise! Up until this week (week 9), I was a little nauseous, always hungry but nothing sounded good and definitely more tired. Now my symptoms seem to have subsided, which I'm hoping doesn't mean another missed miscarriage! The only symptom that remains is that I'm a little more emotional than normal!
  • Reply #14 03/29/08  11:17pm
    I am having my first child EDD July 17 (approximately 24 weeks). It's a little girl named Grace Rebekah. I feel good, and everything is going perfectly. Only hitch in the road is I have a low lying placenta, and as of my ultrasound on Friday, it has not moved yet, but they assure me it is not a previa in the sense that it is covering the Cervix. I am naturally scared about this emotionally, so anyone who has been through it, I am welcome to advice/support.
  • Reply #15 03/31/08  12:00am
    Hey all..Im due with my first on June 15th..We havnt totally decided on his name..but we know his first name will be Cameron..still undecided for the middle name.
    29 weeks and feeling terrible..I have a really bad cold..cant stop sneezing, sniffles, headache..its terrible and hoping it goes away soon, other then that Im..ok=D
  • Reply #16 03/31/08  1:50am
    well this is my firs pregnancy and i'm due on november 12 bjut not sure wat is the sex something tells me it's going to be a girl and if she is a girl i will name her Yumalii and if it's a boy Sebastian
  • Reply #17 03/31/08  1:53am
    Mel I can't believe you've decided to not know the sex! I think thats great, but I, personaly, could never do it. I read an article once about how those who want to know and those who don't want to know are just wired different! It was pretty good! I'm so excited I found out. If you get to that phase that its all so sureal then I suggest finding out! It made it so much more real for me! Again, I think its great you're not finding out! Curiosity Killed the Cat! SJA, sorry you're going through that, I wish I could say something to help. I don't know much about that, except what I've read on the boards. YOu are definetally in my prayers! Sandra! Good to see you in the group! I hope you start feeling better soon!
  • Reply #18 03/31/08  3:50pm
    ellooo people i am due 16th of june but bein induced between the 2nd n 9th of june so 9 weeks left for me now wooo im havin a galll im 29 weeks im feelin tired and a bit achey in me lower tummy i guess its the strain of carryin the excess weight xxx
  • Reply #19 04/01/08  9:28pm
    That's funny that we'd be wired different! I am not good with surprises, so it kind of surprises me that I don't want to know. I guess it's just the continued anticipation and excitement!
  • Reply #20 04/02/08  12:48pm
    Hi everyone! I am due on July 29th and I can't wait to meet my baby boy! I have started to really feel him move and kick (not just flutters) in the past 2 weeks. Sometimes it feels like he is breakdancing in my belly :)

    My husband and I are currently engaged in a name war - I want Greyson and he wants Ashton. He said that when I am lying in the hospital bed post-labor, he will tell them to put Ashton on the birth certificate, lol. Hopefully we will come to an agreement before that time.


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