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Due Dates

Posted on 03/27/08, 02:02 pm
All right mommies! First things first, you need to let us all know your due dates and what your having if you know! How far along are you and how are you feeling?!
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  • Reply #91 11/17/09  1:59am
    Hey!! I am about 17 weeks 2 days along. I an dye April 22nd, 2010...feels like such a long time from now, but I'm just going to patiently wait! lol! We found out last week that we are having a boy and it's a dream come true. We both wanted aboy, our families wanted a boy so it's perfect!!
  • Reply #92 12/30/09  9:32pm
    I'm due March.18th.2010 with a girl
  • Reply #93 01/06/10  10:57am
    I'm due 30 June, 2010. I'm 15 wks along and doing great. We don't know the sex of the baby yet, but we are going to find out within the next couple of weeks. :)
  • Reply #94 01/30/10  5:09pm
    I'm due July 25, 2010:) So I'm about 15 weeks:) I have no idea what I'm having.
  • Reply #95 02/10/10  11:58am
    Due March 1st with a girl. Our first. We are both so excited about meeting our princess with less than 3 weeks until our due date. Have had a few twinges on and off but no real signs yet
  • Reply #96 02/18/10  3:14pm
    I am 27wks along with a baby boy. Feeling HUGE. but at least i have my apatite back. lmao
  • Reply #97 02/23/10  2:23pm
    I am due July 15th. I still don't know what I am having, but I will know next week. There are days that I feel great and very excited to be a mother, then there are days where I cannot wait for this to be over, lol
  • Reply #98 02/27/10  6:37pm
    im due june 12 with 2 girls and a boy and im having horrible back pain
  • Reply #99 03/02/10  3:45pm
    September 3, 2010

    kinda crappy but at least im able to eat. tired. every where is sore. going to need new clothes soon.

    dont know if im having twin girls or twin boys yet.
  • Reply #100 03/15/10  10:18pm
    My due date is in November 2010. I am 5 weeks along and feeling like crap.. i have terrible morning sickness


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